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Are You Getting Less Orders on Saturday and Sunday?

Hi Greetings!

Hope you all are well. I’m using Fiverr last 2 years. In this time I have completed some big and many small projects. Now I’m a level 2 seller.

Nowadays, I’m realizing that on every Saturday and Sunday I’m getting almost no order:cry:. Are you all facing this same situation?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for your time to read and waiting for your reply.

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I barely get any order :rofl:

Keep it up. You will successful.

Same problem I am facing not getting orders.

Lol! Me too! Although I do have an order from elsewhere … from a control freak. So … swings and roundabouts … ?

Some weekends I get no orders but then occasionally I get lots of orders on a weekend, more than during the week.


I do get orders on weekends sometimes, but not as many as I do during the week. Sometimes I’ll get an inquiry on a weekend, and then the customer will place the order on Monday. It makes sense as most of my clients are office-type businesses- and most places are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Good luck!


I always get less orders on the weekends. A lot of people buying on fiverr work a 9-5 schedule, rather than being independent buyers for personal use, and even certain freelancers etc prefer to take the weekends off - so it’s definitely normal to see less orders on saturdays and sundays. :slight_smile:


Peaks and troughs, it really is

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Exactly. Though your are lucky :relaxed:

Me too. That means most of us are getting less than other 5 days. Actually I thought this is happening only with me.

Thanks for your reply. it was very relaxed for me that this is happening with most of you. That means in the weakened buyers go for relax.:slightly_smiling_face:

It would be great if Fiverr analytics had filters to automatically assess such trends. It’s annoying that we have to manually count orders and things to note trends.

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Effective thinking. I liked your proposal.

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Oh! Stay with hope. That will give you lots

Same here . There is no specific schedule for orders. They are on their way if you offer quality services.

You are replying 9 months later. Maybe you didn’t notice.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face: