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Are you going to be working at an order in New Year's Eve?

Just a curiosity. I received an order today and I’ll be working.

Happy New Year everybody!


I’m all caught up on my work.

My next deadline is January 7 but that will change as I have a couple of non-Fiverr jobs in the queue.

I’ve made good use of the down time by updating my personal blogs and working on some PR for a business I help my wife with.

But tonight (New Year’s Eve) I’m just going to relax with some DVDs and snacks.

you are so lucky… happy new year.

Well, I like to work, so yeah I feel lucky (: starting the year making some money.


Consider it as an advance gift for you on this new year :grinning: Happy N year :+1:

I have 3 orders that are due tomorrow!

OMG! Good lucky i just CAN’T do 3 orders in a day, I’m kind a slow worker.

Same!! I’m normally a slow worker too, but now with the increase in orders I’m like…


Happy new year. Good luck to you :grinning:

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