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Are you guys receiving the projects?

are you guys receiving the project in this days or it’s a rough month?

I am also in the video space. I have been fine with orders this month. Alot of return customers. I would suggest targeting business related videos and make sure you have a video intro showing your work.

Let me know if I can help additionally.

Not a lot … huge down in my sales this month and last month too…

Sales down in this month. Hope order increase soon.

I’m receiving orders, but the previous month was better.

landongrace ,i think you receiving order without any matter because you are a top rated :slight_smile: yes i have already added the video gigs

Sales have been fine.

Maybe it’s summer for a lot of people so the sales are slow?

Reply to @sisarasanal: Not necessarily, I had my largest months when I was level 2. 80% of my orders this month were repeat customers. I also did 100 orders before level 2.

You are in a position to succeed right now by working things that are in your control. Don’t wait for external things to change that you can’t control.