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Are you guys working this Christmas for fiverr gigs or will pause and enjoy your weekend?


It will be my first time as i have joined only a month ago, I would like to know from people who have more thn a year experience. How do you guys deal when it’s Christmas week? Do you celebrate and suspend your gigs or keep working?


I’ll be working. In one of my gig descriptions I mentioned I don’t celebrate major holidays, which is true. I might have a small family get-together or something, but I’ll still be just as responsive to gig orders. I prefer to just keep working.


Quite a professional i must say, I also love fiverr as anything. More thn the orders going through unique exciting gigs…going through twitter feed and specially reading forums i feel a part of the family


I’m not religious. So this doesn’t apply to me. I would suggest if you want to enjoy the time away from gigs, just edit your gigs and extend the time by a few days. That way you don’t run any risk of upsetting your placement in the search engines.


I’m not religious either, but I like a day off now and then. So a day like Christmas when a lot of the world is not working, seems like a perfect time to get-away for a day or two.

When planning to be out, I start a few weeks out extending my lead time. When orders come in, I get them done right way and let the buyer know my plans to shut down from this date to that date.

Then a day or two before I actually plan to shut down, I suspend the gig(s) and I don’t restart the gig until a day or so after I’m actually back. Then I send a message to my regulars letting them know “I’m baaaaaack!”. :slight_smile:


I’ll certainly be suspending for a day or two.