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Are you happy on Fiverr?

I registered 4 years ago. Since then, I had some cool projects to work with. For me, Fiverr became the first and only freelancing platform that I have ZERO disappointment in!

So I wonder if here are some “million chasers” who cam to do literally nothing and get a bunch of money? Do you have regrets? And do you have moments when you’re disappointed?

Cheers, wonderful people!


Am I happy on Fiverr…

Not really. There are too many loopholes and scammers. I’ve been happy with the orders I’ve gotten, though. Regrets, I have a few. Disappointments, yes, any time I thought I found a BR that I thought I’d be a fantastic match for and was never contacted.

I’m taking steps to leave, though I’m not sure how long that will take.


To be honest, not all that much anymore.

I made some pretty good money with Fiverr in my second/third year here.

Now I see maybe 2 or 3 jobs a month.

But that’s okay as I just use Fiverr as a source of part-time income.

I am a full-time freelance writer and have been since 2016. I started in 2014.

I’ve been on Fiverr for just about 5 years.

What I like about Fiverr is that I have a number of reliable, regular clients who turn to me when they need something.

What I don’t like about Fiverr is the high volume of (and there is no nice way to put this) under-qualified Sellers who have flooded this platform in the past year or two.

Don’t get me wrong, I come from a media background where competition was a regular part of daily business (broadcasting, newspaper publishing).

But there is a difference between good competition that forces you to work a little harder to stay in business compared to bad competition that results in all of us getting painted with the same brush that Fiverr is filled with unreliable, shoddy freelancers.

I have no plans of leaving yet.

The Fiverr Forum has given me a place to share some wisdom, and I like that part of the platform as well.


I started selling a year ago with very low expectations. I had never been paid for acting before, was stuck at my home, and thought, what the hell, might as well give it a shot.

I chose operating on Fiverr because I did not want to go through the entire hassle of trying to hunt down prospective buyers, or the process of auditioning for hundreds of roles for the slight hope of being cast even once.

I am happy with how my year on Fiverr has turned out. I most definitely haven’t earned a fortune or set the freelance world on fire, but it gave me the opportunity to dip my toes into paid acting/voice acting, and it seems (knock on wood) I may finally be gaining a slight bit of momentum on the platform.

Been a huge learning experience for me. Haven’t had any regrets, but had some disappointments with some buyers, but it’s impossible to please everyone.


What I like about Fiverr is the immediate connection between client and seller, plus for very young people with talent, it can be a goldmine. It gets the democratisation thing done. Sometimes. I say done, not well.

What I don’t like about Fiverr are obviously the consequences of a very unthorough policing of this low entry barrier, which could be done infinitely better. I won’t delve into that stuff right now, though.

I have very few regrets and it has been [somewhat] empowering so far. Overall, I think being here for a little over 6 months has taught me a lot, and I can only go up.


Although I like the feel of the platform and have had several good buyers, I’m not really happy on Fiverr. I regret the hours I spent designing gigs to the best of my ability, editing and creating gig videos, and taking the tests, because I don’t really earn much on here. After putting about half the effort on another platform, I have received many more orders, from better buyers, at a higher payrate.
But I still do believe that Fiverr has its merits. It is what gave me the experience I needed to move to a better platform. Plus, maybe I’ll start adding more “fun” gig ideas that I have in mind and just treat this platform as something I do for fun.


Honestly I wasn’t expecting much from Fiverr. I figured with how many sellers there were (especially in art as a whole, which is my focus) that there was no way it would turn into anything more than a test. I was actually recommended the site by a fellow student at my college, and thought ‘what have I got to lose?’

Turns out Fiverr has turned into just what I needed! It took me a few months to find my niche, (ironically enough not in 3D game art which is my major, but in pixel art. Took some testing the waters to figure out which was more popular and for what purpose) but Fiverr has provided me the flexibility of being able to take orders and schedule them around school. Considering I have to reject tons of projects due to time constraints, I’m hoping that with the way things look this could turn into a full time affair if I don’t find a job at a game studio out of college (which given the entertainment arts industry, is bound to happen). It’s a nice safety net for someone who thought they couldn’t have a career as a freelance artist, and while Fiverr is far from perfect, I would say that I’m happy on the platform.


From the replies so far: two happy, one generally positive, one neutral, two unhappy.

Seems very much a mixed bag!

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For now I’m in neutral to happy zone. Just started getting orders after very long time. There is some really worrying loopholes that buyer can take advantage of. I think flood of low quality freelancers are advantageous for me :stuck_out_tongue: It’s easy to shine in the dark. Have been using other freelancer platform which has some flooding problem too. Mostly freelancers bidding on jobs. It’s just like bigger version of BR section of fiverr, but worse. Just creating gig and waiting for a order is an more enjoyable for me :slight_smile:


Your perspective is everything.

A few months ago, I too used to think of the negatives in the platform and would often get disappointed for the uneven sales. Some days I had too much work and sometimes I had no work for an entire week.

But as the time went by, I learnt some valuable lessons and my perspective changed.

  1. Uneven sales isn’t a glitch in the platform, it’s a part of freelancing, so get used to it.
  2. With Fiverr, you spend majority of your time working on projects rather than bidding on projects. You create your gig once and just need to tweak it only a few times a month.
  3. If you really put in the time and efforts in your gig, you’ll do very good.

When asked, a wise woman said me - be overly kind, communicative and over-deliver and you’ll succeed on Fiverr. For your reference, here is her profile:
See the kind of detailed reviews she gets, the love buyers pour in. She is destined to succeed!

I followed along and have seen significant improvement in my sales and the satisfaction level of clients. My repeat client percentage has gone up significantly and I’m seeing gradual increase in my overall business.

Recently, I have also seen a significant increase in competitors offering their services for pennies and creating multiple accounts and gigs for same service, but hey, everybody deserves a chance. Believe in Karma, let it do the work.

So, again, your perspective is everything. Change the way you look at Fiverr, and it will change for you.



Pretty happy, yes. Spammers, scammers, and other time wasters can be annoying, but I’m aware that I’m “complaining about first world problems” there.

Being able to work completely online is perfect for me, and not just since Corona. I’ve actually been offered an office job by Fiverr customers more than once, no dice; I’ve worked in office environments before, and I prefer online, and freelance.

I also prefer Fiverr over other platforms because their approach with gigs vs the bidding systems of others and most other things suit me more.

I love that I don’t need to write invoices, reminders, last reminders, … I hate any kind of “paperwork”.

And I like green.


Ummm! not so much tbh.

It’s been a year for me here and yet completed 20 orders. I know it’s too soon for me to say this, but freelancing is not something for me. It is not that I cant satisfy my customer, it’s like this site doesn’t let new (I am old now though, at least I guess) creators in front of buyers.

Also, there are many scammers, many potential buyers never comeback. I wish there was a way that Fiverr could manually check every seller, their skills, conversion skills, etc. It makes me sadder when someone undeserving (sorry lol, not saying to anyone specific) gets an order, and the dissatisfied client then never tries Fiverr.

And if this continues by the end of this year, I have decided to stop this here.

I am happy that many sellers are happy here though. Gratz to all of them.

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Wow, that’s impressive! Didn’t expect so many answers in here.
I agree that for the past couple of years a lot of scammers and fake professionals appeared here. Probably they watched a lot of videos on YouTube on how to earn 10000bucks per day for doing nothing haha.
I recall those days when I spent hours to improve the skills and to make a client happy. Now it seems like the niche is taken by a bunch of low-qualified people who use templates and stuff like that. But I’m glad the Fiverr’s algorithms work differently and a lot of clients are looking for something real.
I had almost a one year break, and now I see how huge the difference is.


Actually we are all of happy in fiverr because they give us a big opportunity

At first I found some good buyers and made them happy. I am new to Fiverr and my journey has started well. So far I am happy to have Fiverr and I want to use my every leisure time. And I think every time here is valuable

The plataform is good and i’m happy, but the sellers should have more support… the Fiverr have a position where they act just as intermediate… so all the others things is on the Seller and the Buyer hands.

You will be happy when everything is working for you… the opposite will happen too… i ​like of the platform but i see two main negative points:

  • Sometimes the Fiverr cancel the orders without verify deepy.
  • The rotation is something that will make the things more complicate to have some stability in the platform… without stability i presume that the best sellers some day will stop to work in the platform.

I like it as a bit of income on the side. I’ve met some really friendly customers.
My only gripe is with how unfairly we sometimes get treated by Fiverr as sellers. I had a relatively successful gig taken away from me due to TOS violation for a gig type that is not allowed, despite fiverr actually having a category for that type of gig during gig creation. All I got was generic responses from customer support and no real reason given as to why mine was removed despite there being hundreds of other gigs selling identical services.

Oh well, I still have another gig that is bringing in a bit of income so can’t complain.


When I first started 7 years ago, maybe 1 out of 10.

Then it went up to 8 out of 10 in 2019, when I got tons of work, high-paying projects, and great clients.

Last year was bad, so 1 out of 10.

Work has picked up this year, so maybe 3 out of 10.

I’ve been on Fiverr for 10 years now.
Checking messages from Fiverr and also looking for some fun/helpful posts on the forum has become part of my everyday life (it’s like chatting with my coworkers at the office),
and I am overall quite happy.
Do I get stressed every now and then, of course.
Do I need to deal with annoying buyers, you betcha!

…but that happens at ANY type of workplace, Fiverr or not.
I could say for sure that I’ve no plans to leave Fiverr. Yes, I do come across annoying
people and situations, but I’d say 98% of the experience has been positive! :slight_smile:


The last paragraph is so wise :smiley:

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