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Are you having an Issue completing this order ❓ - 2017


##:bulb:New Update to “Resolution” GUI on the order page:

Fiverr is telling us something… hmm… :thinking:

New Resolution Center images, is this a dating site now?

Yes I just saw it today… That venn diagram of Buyer versus Seller looks nice.

P.S do you want to show us the amount of that order or how Richie Rich you are. :rolling_eyes:


That pretty cool. It’s been added to all my previous orders.

The icon (ADD A NOTE), does that turn into a receipt at your end?


I actually have never utilized that.
But the note is for personal viewing only. Does not do anything else.

Probably to keep track of orders.


i love the note feature-- I use it often to copy in scripts confused buyers like to inbox me instead… just to keep it all in one place.


do you get to see it from any other page?


the note feature? just on the order page