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Are you kidding, again. Being online is 99% of it


It’s a very complicated site when you think of the sheer number of transactions and everything that is constantly updating for millions of things so I understand they have to shut it down sometimes.


You know, compare to sites like Amazon and Google, this site is small potatoes. I think they just have minimal tech staff. When have you ever seen Amazon down…They’d still be up and selling survival supplies during a power failure in the middle of the Zombie apocalypse.


I doubt this is in that same league. I agree that Amazon is amazing. They are driving retail stores out of business. Walmart is now competing with them with their online division.

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They’d have to take a lot more than 20% in order to get there. :grinning:

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Fiverr has amazing amounts of investment money flowing in all the time. It’s fun to see Walmart trying to out Amazon Amazon. They have a long way to go but the selection in some areas is far greater than Amazon’s. If they can get their shipping department to get better they will give Amazon a run for the money.

I would love to see fiverr’s tech department. It must be interesting to say the least.

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While Staff is eating coffee and biscuits.

At Fiverr HQ… this guy is eating :coffee: tables…:dove: :cat:


Mike, Fiverr actually uses the amazon servers, or at least they did. That makes amazon also having the mice as their go-to guy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, they simply rent server space from Amazon, but what they do with it is a far cry from the level of implementation and reliability that Amazon provides on their own domain. Amazon engineers vs fiverr engineers. That might inspire another A/B set of pictures.

Sort of like saying that the Palm steak house and the newsstand in the lobby both rent space from the same landlord. The similarities end there.


Amazon invests much more in their network server development then Fiverr. So the difference is clearly noticeable.

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Okay, yeah, I know that two-years ago, whenever you opened a download it said “”. My point was that they use the same server structure. The source code, the software is a completely different thing, and therefore your comparison with the steak-house and newsstand is correct for this part.

Fiverr’s developers aren’t in-house, from what I have read they outsource. :slight_smile:

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You are correct. That’s what we are saying. Server room vs Hamster on a wheel.


You think they are buying $5 gigs to accomplish the dev?


Yep, and they request a refund at the end of the delivery, and go to hire a new dev, and repeat in circles. :blush:

From what I have noticed with local start-ups, the ones that outsource for the code, it takes them a bit more time for fixing some issues in contrary, the start-ups that have in-house devs fix those issues a lot faster. :slight_smile:


From what I hear the former Equifax Director of Security might be available to join fiverr. Other than a breach of 143 million accounts including driver’s license and Social Security numbers, what could go wrong?


He would do a great job for the dears.

Edit: She*

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I signed up for my free one year of credit monitoring yesterday that I got due to the Equifax breach.

You can lock down your credit and not allow any new credit to be applied for with that and unlock it whenever you want to apply for more credit cards or loans. :lock: :credit_card:

Basically anyone with an American credit card was breached and is eligible.

I’m not sure you can take part in the class action suit that will be happening but you wouldn’t get anything anyway probably from that after the legal fees.

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I second that! Or they’ll somehow manage to open up another internet using their kindles (alert: conspiracy theory)

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Hey, we feed our hamsters well!