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Are you looking for a gig with lowest price ever in fiverr..?


I am new here, and from my personal experience from past 2 weeks in fiverr, I found that most of the gigs are over priced. I don’t know why this happened. May be because of lack of my experience in fiverr.

Anyway I am presenting you a gig with lowest ever price in fiverr here. Please check this… and share with the customers if you think this is a good deal.

Thanks & Greetings
Wish you All of you best wishes for your Fiverr journey.


I actually disagree. Fiverr freelancers are really underpaid than they should be.


May be, because of the currency values in different countries. It seems like that

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You… realise you can’t go lower than $5? And that that’s most people’s base price here?

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I think most of the gigs on Fiverr it’s 5$ gig…

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Hey riyas, welcome to fiverr :slight_smile:
i wanted to share sth that i noticed about your gig. Your 1st picture is not very appealing, but the 2nd one looks really clean and professional. I would advice you to put the 2nd pic as thumbnail pic.

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Thanks for your valuable response.

Yes but 10 apples for $5 and 1 apple for $5 are different. :upside_down_face:

Yes but 10 apples for $5 and 1 apple for $5 are different. Am I correct…?

Ok… Good luck bro :slight_smile:

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Yes, you are correct, but you are presenting your USP as the price, not the quality. And you can never know who provides the highest quality services - that is a matter of opinion.

Never… Just check my gig. Quality is the first thing always for me . Price is also a factor. That’s it. 100% Quality & 100% customer satisfaction.

I know, but when you wrote the post you emphasised that your price is the lowest, there’s no mention of quality, suggesting to me that your low price your USP. And also, how can you have a high-quality QR code? I don’t understand that.

This post is about the gigs overprice. So I mentioned only price here. It’s not an advertisement brother. I said that quality is the first choice for me. That you can see in my gigs. I never mentioned about quality here, because the post is about overprice. That’s all bro.

For every product there is quality in work. It’s depends on the product. Here the quality means accuracy, styling, overall image quality, availability of different formats etc

Really? This seems like an advertisement to me.