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Are you looking for a good article with 100% copyscape passed?

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My names are Dr, Mrs Robert Queen, i am a dedicated writer, with a strong background in writing unique content on health,fitness,blog post, keyword researcher, website content and many more. I have no rating yet, the gig was create weeks ago but that dose not matter. I have been o fiverr since 4years now, all you need to do is to put trust on me and expect UNLIMITED TRAFFIC

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Your content will be delivered within 24hours
content is 100% Unique and copyscape passed
content will be written by an American Writer
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I provide revision for all clients and ensure you are satisfied

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Casually mentioning that I offer proofreading services… Of course it is not related to this post… :smiley:

Nice one @eoinfinnegan

You guys…hope you get sales from this fast before it’s removed :slight_smile:

You know, I thought that the best place to post what I’m about to write would be in the tips for sellers area but you know what? I highly doubt that the people it will concern will read it there. So here goes…

  1. If you are a seller like the apparently amazing Dr. here, you do nothing more than commit Fiverr suicide by creating posts like this. Buyers don’t come here to find amazing writers who come across as probably not able to spell even as much as their own name correctly, they come here looking for advice on how to avoid ever buying anything from people like you.

  2. If you happen to be a new or for that matter existing buyer, please never take posts like the OP’s as representative of the majority of people who use this platform to provide high-quality services. In fact, one of the best ways to avoid ever being provided with poor quality work here on Fiverr is to never go near buyers who attempt to beg like this or bedazzle you with far-fetched qualifications and professional experience. - They’re not necessarily scammers, they’re just about as competent and reliable as a sack of potatoes.