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Hello all fiverrer!
I work for another marketplace more than 8 years but now I’m starting sell my gig on fiverr & I really loved it. As a graphic designer, I’m going to give you some important tips about how you can find out the best seller for your important project done. I hope those five tips will be helpful for both seller & buyer.

Tip #1: Be Clear with Your Goals & Expectations.
Tip #2: Know What Types of Skills to Look For.
Tip #3: See How Candidates Think on Their Feet.
Tip #4: Don’t Rely on Portfolios Alone.
Tip #5: Ask What Will Be Required from You.


Hi, I’m a youtuber named VenomousReaper. I’m looking for someone to make a intro involving the famous video game, Overwatch. Right now my goal for YouTube is to reach 1,000 subs.


I’m just wondering if you know anyone.


Hi, Just make all of your graphics works related to your channel eye catching ( channel Art, Profile picture, Thumbler etc.) & then post some good video with the perfect title & tags for viewers. Then you can share your video in social media or blog. At this stage you can hire some SEO expert from fiverr.