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Are You Looking for Power MTA / PMTA Setup?

What you will get ?

  • Install PMTA /Power MTA and Activate License.
  • Update DNS ( A , MX, TXT record) as required.
  • Create and Configure Virtual MTA in PMTA/PowerMTA config file.
  • Define Bounce back emails (We can configure Multiple bounces Domains)
  • Define FeedBack Loops and complaints handling.
  • Setup PowerMTA Monitor.
  • Setup SMTP user and Pass.
  • Generate DKIM key and Configure it.
  • Update SPF with required IP.
  • IPs rotation.

    What else ?

    We’ll install a powerful mailing platform for your email marketing campaign.

    we’ll configure the platform (Link SMTP, Bounce and FBL servers, Tracking domains)

    What we need from you ?

    A Dedicated Server with those requirements

    Operating System: Centos x64


    RAM: Min 4 GB

    CPU: Min 4 Cores

    HDD: 30 GB

    Dedicated IPs: 3

    When you’ll receive your package ?

    This whole process will take 3 to 7 days.

    More ?

    If you have PowerMTA already installed and you’re looking to modify your config.

    or you any questions about Blacklists, Bulk Mailing…etc to increase your inbox rate.

    or any question related to Email Marketing.

    ContactHD experts will help you to resolve your issue.


hey . i need in config file

Hey i can provide config file

S-kype mohit.sharma6611