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Are you looking for someone to be your Virtual Assistant?

Fiverr is great for extra income but I’m looking for a part-time and stable job. If you know someone looking for an assistant or chat support agent please reach out. Thank you!


I have something in mind, so I will definitely consider your interest.

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Thank you! feel free to message me I would gladly be a part of what you’re doing.

@corsogr Are you putting all these off-beat replies to threads for positive reason - like do you actually have cause to give this person hope?

Or - based on your Leaving Fiverr thread, and the oddness of many of these responses, are you simply messing with everyone to get your jollies at the expense of the community.

I ma not trying to be mean here at all but solve what feels like an issue.


The chat support agent, reminded me of someone who was looking one for his platform. I will have him on my radar.

About the leaving Fiverr thread, check the date and there’s your answer. :slight_smile:

Ok cool


and a few more characters to make it 20+