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Are you making this Gig error?

Social sharing of gigs is hyped so much. Sharing your gig URL all across [social media websites] just doesn’t work. For fact, it can backfire massively. Fiverr doesn’t count views, coming from non-members. Such views have no impact on gig rankings. Even worse, it will be counted as spamming. Fiverr algorithm doesn’t rank such gigs highly.

You should essentially have a twist to social sharing methods. Encourage people to search for keywords and find your gig. Do screen recordings and make gifs to explain the process.

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Social media sharing CAN help you, but only if you use social media correctly.

The problem is that people don’t learn how that actually works. They just post their gig everywhere repeatedly and they tell others to do the same. Blind leading the blind.


None views has impact on ranking.

Ranking is based on gig performance, which is based on sales and reviews. Views, Clicks and Impressions doesn’t affect your gig ranking. It’s is just a stats to show how your gig is performing.