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Are you not getting any orders? READ THIS!

Whining isn’t going to get you orders. I don’t know who told you that you can just make a gig on this platform and people will come running to toss their hard-earned cash at you, but that is not how this works.

You are going to have to grind. You are going to have to market. You are going to have to utilize social media, and blogs, and any way possible to get your name out there. This is especially true if you sell one of the “money-maker” gigs that people write about in “10 top easy skills to learn to make money” blog posts.

This includes writing, business card creation, “graphic design,” proofreading, translating, etc. Unless you are offering something unique than you are competing against a ton of other people who are offering similar, if not better services. People who have been on here for years and years, and work all over the internet.

You are competing against everyone else on the site. So you cannot just make a gig and expect money. You have to work and work hard.

Some people will get their first order within the first week of joining. Others will get their first order after months of waiting. It just matters how much thought you put into everything.

  • Make sure your descriptions are as error-free as possible. Nobody wants to order a gig that looks like it’s been in the garbage disposal.

  • USE YOUR OWN WORK! I can guarantee you that many of these “graphics sellers” that I have seen just buy stock images in bulk. Also, you are NOT Lindsey Lohan, use your real mug or a logo for your business.

  • If you started Fiverr in September because you need to pay rent on October 1st, I have bad news for you.

  • PROMOTE. PROMOTE. PROMOTE. There are hundreds of thousands of sellers on this site. You are 1 person. Be Waldo, not Jerry.

Working for yourself is not “Easy money.” Sorry to break your heart.

You can be successful if you are smart about it and work hard. You won’t be successful if you sit around all day, send copy-pasta requests in BR, and expect people to just throw money in the dark.


Thanks Lucycodex
Your informed very good things here
Promote Promote Promote Gigs

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That :point_up: … basically describes me, and what I am offering for my gigs lol. Well, minus the writing part. Can’t agree more with your explanations above. Marketing our own name is the key to pull clients from all over the place. We need to act like businessman, because we are :+1:


one thing I don’t understand here: if you invest so much time and money promoting yourself outside fiverr, why not promote your website directly ?!?


100% agree with @bizzytip

You can if you want to. In fact, I highly recommend promoting off-Fiverr business sites. That way, you are more likely to make a business and name for yourself. You also have a lot more creative control. You can’t get “banned” from your own website.

But very few people want to go through all the trouble of setting up the website, making sure the design is great, adding content for SEO, etc, etc. It’s a lot of work, and THEN you have to promote it on top of that.

It’s a lot easier to promote a Fiverr than to promote your own self-made business. But in my opinion, it is worth it.

Quote of the day.

I’m sure SOME people were able to make enough money on their first month to cover their rent, but that’s only because they did everything the right way.
I just hope you don’t get those “I read your post on the forum, help me mek sells” messages…


I have in the past, very obnoxious. I mainly tell them they are spamming, and then report them.

I really appreciate your suggestion in such descriptive way. some how I am struggling enough to promote My work on social media too as you instructed. I respect your concern.
Thanks for an alerting message.
Best Regards

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