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Are you Offering Very Lowest Price Than the Fair Price?


Hi guys, today I wanna share a hidden point with you. I have researched on a specific point is “Gig Price Range”.

Nowadays, it’s a common issue that most of the sellers are offering very low price/cost for the big service than the fair price. Among them, most of them are the new seller. You will see, someone is offering standard price and some are offering very low price. But what’s the problem?

The big and practically proven problem is that you will miss the big/top buyers. Because most of the top buyers are thinking that may you will never give the best service at your lowest price quote.

My Suggestion:

Never offer very low price quote than the fair price. You can offer some discount instead of lowest price. Keep your standard with the fair price and high-quality service. You will get the top buyers instead of small/one time buyers. That will make you succeed. Happy freelancing.:ok_hand::grinning:

A Newbie's Perspective

You are right but some buyers think as you are saying but i think couple of buyers search lowest price gig


Yea, I know that. But maximum of these buyers are small/one time. As a professional freelancer, we need to have the top buyers to succeed. Ultimately, lowest price than the fair price will make us(freelancers) looser. So in every sector, we need to offer the fair price.


Yes and also a good thing from fiverr is package option by this tool we can make 3 price package in this way if the client need low price he select lowest package


Some of the Buyers think and say. I can done this project for 5$ or… why you offered to many price. Than he or she just gone .


I have told about the fair price. Not lowest or more price.


I feel it’s a Nice point. Every should follow this.


Yes. Thanks for your opinion. I believe that as a freelancer we need to keep our proper value in the marketplace by offering fair price.


I agree with you we should flow a level.


Yes, I am agree like old saying " when you bought peanut you got monkey". Price was very important to introduce your product, if massif product yes, maybe you should follow the market trends, but if high added value, better do not hesitate to charge as function. That’s from me “Create new Gain Trading methods”.

Best Regards


I am new in fiverr and clippin_expert your guidness is help full thanks


Thanks for your opinion. Hopefully, together we all will make a standard value of each service in every sector.


Sure & you are welcome.


Hm, I do actually agree with you, I never thought about it that way. However, a lot of buyers may not trust a larger amount of. money with someone who has two reviews when they could go to someone with the same price with two hundred reviews.I personally had to start with low prices in order to get reviews that establish myself as trustworthy and then upped my prices! Price does affect all buyers, but I think you have a very good point! Thanks for sharing!


yea, you have pointed out of two different stage. One is the initial stage and another is the middle stage.

The new seller can offer less price than the level two/top seller. But that should be standard. Not dramatical less price. After getting some review they should increase their price to a fair level. Maybe, you will notice that most of the mid-level sellers are not increasing their price for getting more order. But I think for that they are losing the big project. Because almost we all are trying to get the big project.


It happens and even if we quote fair price they buyer will surely find someone who offers 30$ work in 5$.


That’s why I’m trying to make a sense among those guys. Hopefully, the seller will understand and they will get benefits from it.


Fiverr from their side have also tried like Evualation every month etc but still people will offfer 5$ service which should have worth of 30$. Now if work is worth 10-15$ one can make it less if new but totally making it very low costs evryone


I think, in most cases - when buyers see very low price on a gig, they will think that the seller is not experienced enough to provide good services. If you provide good, quality work, buyers are happy to pay you a fair amount.


Yes you are right…Thanks