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Are you Offering Very Lowest Price Than the Fair Price?


Thanks for providing your valuable opinion.


Thanks for providing your valuable opinion.


yeah due to lot of competition


do you really want to work for these cheapskates who are searching for the lowest price? There is also not much profit in being the cheapest.
My most demanding, rudest, difficult clients are who spend only 5 dollars. Whoever orders something for 50, is the nicest person on Earth, understanding, and a pleasure to work with.


Thanks for your opinion.


A certain percentage of people who come on this platform believe you can get “a house built for $5 via Fiverr” so why wouldn’t they get a logo or an explainer video for the same $5.

I once read online where someone mentioned that he had never seen a logo made for $5 on Fiverr used commercially. I don’t if this is true though.

People design logos for $1500 and above offline. Don’t know the fair price though.

Starting out via Fiverr, $25 seems okay for a logo design but not the fair price.

Then we have competition, everyone is trying to make sales, get frequent orders, etc.

To your question; Yes, I am offering low price than the fair price. I don’t even know the fair price. LOL


If you are a long time seller, then I think you have a sense of the average price or almost fair price.

I liked your “a house built for $5 via Fiverr”. LOL


I agree with much of what’s been said, apologies for reiterating. I think that the “fair” price is difficult to gauge and may vary between people depending on skill, experience, etc. I suppose the key is to not undervalue yourself, yet remain relatively competitive. You may get more people interested at a lower price, however, you are bound to be more respected if you charge more of a premium (ie. what you’re actually worth). Again, it’s a fine line, but you really have to ask yourself what the time and effort for a given project is really worth to you. In my experience, the higher paying clients are almost always the ones that are a pleasure to work with and really value your time and work, whereas the ones looking to pay $5 for a house (ha! Nice) are generally the most difficult and most demanding as fogi said. I’m happy to allow other sellers fight it out for the “give away the most for the least award.” I’m proud of my work and stand by it. There will always be people willing to give away the farm just to get orders, despite the fact that it’s not sustainable in the long run. Even some of the most experienced sellers undervalue themselves because they started low and now are afraid to lose clients. I truly wonder how much time these sellers are actually investing and how little their return must be. Funny thing is, I bet the vast majority of their clients would happily pay more, and if not, are they really the clients you want?


Yes you are saying right …but i think most of the buyers search the lowest price gig on fiver…well thankyou for your tips…feels good while reading.


Good point. I think you’re absolutely right. If at all possible, it’s good to offer an absolute entry level service for $5 and rely on extras the buyer will more than likely need to bring the price up to the amount you actually want to charge. This attracts people, but if you do it right, you’ll still get what you’re worth. I realize this is not easy to do in all services, but it’s a good tactic.


Agree with you…nice


BTW, how to find buyer activities ? which menu should I search ???:roll_eyes:


Very in-formatting information for new seller. I think everybody should follow this for success.


Very informative post . Thanks clippin_expert


Very good article :wink:


Very good article. I totally agree with you


But some buyer always press order in lowest buyer request.


It does really seem to rely on the buyer! I’ve noticed that throwing in extras often works better and receives a better response than starting off with a lower price. I’m sure there is a balance somewhere and I’m still looking for it. Thanks for the reminder! Really helpful.


Hey can you tell me how to check sent buyer requests?


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