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Are you Offering Very Lowest Price Than the Fair Price?


Thanks for your opinion.


Click on the “Selling” option. You will find out the “Buyers Requests” at number 5 positions. That’s all.buyer%20req


I have found one thing that those buyers look for lower price, most of them are new to fiverr and don’t buy repeatedly. I have another buyer, he is again buying from me with double price than my gig offers. Still, he is thinking it is a fair price. So, there are so many kinds of buyers. We have to choose one particular category and move on.


Once when I was a newbie here I lost an order only because my offered price was low. I took the lesson and never offer a price any less than what it worth. It happens quite often that a buyer posts a request with a $5 budget and I submit my offer with $30 price and I get the order. Of course there are some people who want the whole world for 5 bucks but you should get what you deserve.


Great thinking and thaks for sharing.


This price issue is a very complicated one. If a buyer is offering low price to a new seller then I totally understand. They are desperate to get their first sell. Imagine someone contacting me and offering $5 for me to write 100 product descriptions (60-100 words each). As a matter of fact, he said he currently has someone who even does it for less. I told him that he is still living in the colonial era.
My point is, as a level 1 or 2 seller with a number of 5-star reviews, you must know your worth. Do not be desperate and in the process stoop so low. If we all can maintain a particular standard, I believe things will work out better. The new sellers who will charge low will not remain new forever and most top buyers will not want to risk the newbies.
Just my opinion though!!!


For New seller 5 star rating and good review is most important. Every new seller thinks how he or she can get good numbers rating and reviews so that their level up.Once the level is up they can think about earning.As fiverr is so competitive that it’s almost a dream and luck to cross the level barrier. I think this is the only reason why they offer low price.Initial objective is only regular orders and building a place in fiverr.
Big Buyers rarely believe on new seller talent.
Correct me if I am wrong. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


As a new seller, I would focus in providing a good portfolio rather than going ultracheap for getting orders, as I have said before, going super cheap shows your work must be… well, cheap :wink:


To build up an audience you can start with lower prices, but as orders increase, you might need to increase pricing to slow it down a bit so you can catch up


Excellent thinking. We need to maintain a standard worth.


Thanks for you suggestion. :slight_smile:


I appreciate your tips and it is really true that cheap buyers are just come and go type. But what if a new seller like me want some order fast as soon as possible when regular, experienced and permanent type buyers are so rare here?


yap you arr absolutely right


Thank you for the tip.


I had no work, but I thought I had much. And I wanted some off time. And made the prices high. I am not gonna make them low again.

Now I have more work than before. And I am happy with it.


Then you offer a service that takes less time.
Instead of offering a full website design for $25, why don’t you offer a single landing page, optimization or maintenance service?

What kind of customer are you attracting with such low prices?
$25 for a performance improvement or a quick fix is reasonable, but $25 for an entire website screams low quality.


Absolutely right. Thanks for sharing your openion


Thank you very much @uxreview for your kind suggestions. that’s why I’m not getting the order. I will edit my gig but what if I don’t get any any order though?


I agree. In any business that you operate there are certain cost to consider. Lowering ones cost to drive sales only leads to heart brake in the future I believe. I value my services based on the level I’m at.


It has been my experience that pricing yourself so low in the market only results in disaster, and while it’s a common trend among seller, it should not be a concern, quality sellers, sell at quality price, and quality buyers can afford that price. Stay strong in valuing your worth and individual that value it as well will be attracted to you.