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Are you Offering Very Lowest Price Than the Fair Price?


Thank you @mabelma for your kind reply. I will follow you all.


thanks a lot.I’ll never offer low price.


But What actually would be the definition of a fair price? Can we have suggested figures or range please?


Yeah, i noticed one thing also. There are sellers who get paid the ‘fair price’ and then become buyers and then get a seller to do the same task for a so ridiculous price they would never be willing to take.


Your best clients will always treat you well and pay you what you’re worth, period. They’ll smile and shake your hand as they hand over their hard earned money. I have a few clients under my belt and this has proven to be the case thus far. It’s up to you to decide what you’re worth :).

Clients looking for a deal tend to pay less and ask for more.

With that said, I believe that there’s value in offering a lower price for your service as you start your Fiverr journey. Sellers live, breathe, and die by their reputations, and unless you’re marketing yourself outside of Fiverr, lower prices may be the best way to earn your reputation. Either way, believe me, it will be a struggle. Stick with it.


There is no such thing as fair price.
Everything worth exactly the same as people are willing to pay for it!


I disagree. Everything has a value. A price that reflects this value would easily be considered a “fair price”.


I’d ask, fair to who? According to who? People may have different ideas about “Fair”.
A value of something is associated by people and their willingness to pay a certain amount for it.

Aggregated, the value of something is as much as the market is willing to pay for it.
I often see people selling their cars/homes/phones and putting a high pricetag on it, claiming it’s really valuable. Well, in reality, the market does not value it as high, hence no buyers. So the value of something really is how much people are willing to give for it.


It depends on the buyer and seller. If both sides feel that they got the value they expected then it’s a fair price.
It’s not about the number :slight_smile:

If you’re selling a car then a buyer who finds the price too high doesn’t think it’s a fair price, but a buyer who sees the car value the same way as the seller then they think it’s fair.

So you’re right that people see the value differently, but that’s exactly why for some it’s a fair price.


Absolutely right! Thanks for sharing this point…


While a seller has spent some time in the marketplace then he can easily guess what is the average/almost fair value of a service…


I do not price my services according to the prices of other sellers in the marketplace – that is a poor comparison of “fair value”. Most other sellers in the Fiverr marketplace desperately undersell themselves in the hopes that someone – anyone – will pay them $5 to do something, or they don’t know how to value their work, and just slap something up without researching their target market.

I price my services according to MY value as a skilled professional, according to the value of MY high-quality work, and appropriate to the price that MY customers think is fair. I have researched my markets, I know who my customers are, and I have data supporting every pricing, service, or gig edit that I make.

This is how you run a successful business. If you (and other new sellers) wish to be successful, these are probably things you should start thinking about as well.


Many Many Thanks to you for this words. :slightly_smiling_face:


Offering lower prices and hard work is a very good idea


:roll_eyes: Really! Can’t agree with you.


Really appreciate what you are saying but I have a experience that top buyer also want good work with low price. But now they want quality and lowest price… Hope the market strategy will change in near future… :slight_smile:


Nope not all Buyers have this mentality! I can only speak for myself, I’ve spent a boatload of money on Fiverr. My focus is the quality, not the quantity. I don’t mind paying a higher price for high-quality work. Different strokes for different folks.


Absolutely Right!
I never undersell my service either because I think I deserve a good reward for my constant effort and hard work. And I still get good number of clients who are willing to work with me.


yes, but some buyer searching low prices gig.


If new sellers are maintaining standrd price ranges, then the buyers choose higher level sellers.

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