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Are you Offering Very Lowest Price Than the Fair Price?


But the problem is how would I know what is the fair price for a certain service ?
As there is no procedure to maintain a fair price for a certain service.


You are right but new seller think is they get buyer with lowest price. Because many sellers available with that services on fiverr. So new seller think they get more buyer of that lowest price services.

Is that right or wrong?


You should do a market research. There are plenty of sellers here in each category.
Take a look at their gigs, see if you can match their skill level and start with their price level or slightly lower.


Thank you very much for your valuable comments.


Yes i agree with as customer can choose best package according to there budget pricing can work accordingly
Thank You for your valuable thought.


You are right. Thanks for this cooperation and contribution.


I think looking at the prices other sellers are offering within a niche can be useful though. For example, if you have a specific writing gig, and most sellers are offering a similar service at a certain price? It helps you to better price your gig because it at least gives you an idea of where to start from.


I am starting to wonder about this point myself. I am level 2 and was away from Fiverr for 2 years. Now I have come back, started a new Gig, all SEO points to everything being fine, offering 24 logo intro animations for only $5 for a limited time (and these are quality logos, not all looking almost alike), and I have had few views and can’t find myself in the keyword searches or category at all. I have posted to FB groups, some forums, etc. Could it be I am offering too much for too little?


I find that a my minimum $10 price also drives clients away. Today a seller texted. He wanted a 1200 word article written which includes topic research and his budget was $10-$15. I sent him a custom offer where I offered to write a 1500 word article in 2 days for $15. He said it is very expensive and his maximum budget is $12. Writing an article requires way too much effort and how come one cannot spend 3 more bucks.


I think eventually buyers without the necessary funds to pay someone to complete their task will exit Fiverr which is good for most sellers. It’s one thing to get a discount or a special offer. It’s another to expect high quality, strenuous work for way below market prices.


Exactly, well said. I used to think taking my price down would attract buyers but opposite was the case, buyers began avoiding my gig. Then it dawn on me that people place value on price, buyers belives the gigs with cheaper price range won’t provide the best service


I agree with this, it’s important to offer a fair price!


I am a new seller on fiverr but i understand your opinion


As a new seller thanks goes to you…


thank you for the post,
I agree with you


After the Fiverr Evaluation and new rules for getting Level I guess this low offering have vanished a lot. Before some months when buyers approached I lost many jobs due to offering good price. Currently I a am getting almost good buyers who agree with the price.

I still think I offer low price but I want to improve gradually/


You are right. Though i am not a big/top seller but i have faced this kind of problem in several time. When i submit my price to buyer , he told me,‘someone offer me 4 time low price than you’ actually if i offer the buyer at that price, it would go down to fair price.


Always stick to your price. It takes lot of effort to work on an order even if the conversion rate is high(assuming you to be from Bangladesh, Pak or India), I found out $5 isn’t quite enough. I have seen buyers specify in their requests that they want a 1000 or 1500 word article and their budget is $5. They should hire interns for their work.


I agree with your opinion.


i need info about it