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Are you Offering Very Lowest Price Than the Fair Price?


Yeah it’s really big problem we think Fiverr is only $5 market place but it’s not true.


I tell you my point of view. 90% of customers think that if you have low prices you have low quality products. It’s a fact. So maybe they could not afford your prices, but in their mind you are at the top because of those prices.

At the same time if you under price your products you can get more orders, but the word of mouth that will pass is that your products are affordable but low quality. It’s a strange mechanism but it works this way.

The best way to price your products is comparing them to competitors ones. Understanding if they are better or worst and price accordingly with a fair price in mind.

Better products can be priced a little more anyway. If you are honest and fair when pricing, you’ll be rewarded in the long run.


you told about a good point. every one should follow it.


I tell you my point of view. 90% of customers think that if you have low prices you have low quality products. It’s a fact.
Right Bro


Thank you so much for sharing this tips…
Its gonna helpfull for my work… :slight_smile:


thanks bro, please visit my gigs and tell me if my pricing is good.


Yes, You are right.
Lowest rates can make buyers doubt the quality of your work.


It comes to how well one is able to negotiate with the buyer.I don’t count myself as a natural negotiator but I am realising the importance of negotiating with the buyer based on logical reasoning.
If one is on fiverr to make enough money so that he can escape the 9-5 trap then that person must be flexible enough to change his price tag for the better projection of his goals.


This a very important topic that you pointed out. thanks!


Indeed , but the low price is not always on all gigs , its also an encouragement for people that can’t afford big prices to get there work done and then we have the extra price for delivering early than the time due …


wow what a tip really wanna thank you


I have to cancel an order for buyer not responded.


I am myself a new seller and Trust me I have delivered orders that should be in hundreds and I being a new seller did the same work for 15 or 20 dollars.

This is a common trend and I don’t think I would have made it otherwise.

Now after becoming mature on fiverr I don’t consider working for anything less than the fair price.The reasons are obvious to experienced sellers.


Very interesting thread - thanks to all for their input.


very good explaination. i am satisfied with you…


But mostly buyers do not pay fair price .


I agree with you … Thanks


you can negotiate with them if they contact you


The market price can see at Fiverr Pro price section. Beside that, everything is fair or lower price.

Correct me if I’m wrong.


You are right.Thanks you for your suggestion.