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Are you Offering Very Lowest Price Than the Fair Price?


Pro=fari! Stong comparing logic


It’s a nice point.Thanks for your opinion.


true,thanks for the tips. :v::+1:


Well said. You’re absolutely right. Everybody should maintain standard price rate.


Yes i agreed .Low price mean you are using some sort of short cut or using free templates or coping others work …Professional buyers know how much time and cost require to do his task as they are very experienced as buyer … Even i have to kept my price very low which doesen’t justify the services i am providing … but i am a new seller on Fiverr so i have to do experiments … as i saw most of seller keeping their price very low … I am working freelance for more than 5 years but started Fiver 2 weeks ago … What i found … on no other site seller ready to do work that low price … Mean $5 for one day work ??? :thinking::tired_face::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::hushed: While in most of buyers are from those countries where Wages rate More than $10 PER HOUR … How they would believe that someone can provide them quality work for rate which is not even 30 min rate in their country…!!!


Yes it’s true … One time clients always look for a lowest price as they don’t have to plan long run good working relations with seller … I am also working for some clients as full time They know they can not keep me in long run at very low price … as i am aware the actual wages rate in their country … Although i keep my rate low as compare to their country rate but it’s not that cheep … Another important thing !!! Most of freelancing website rate seller according to $$ amount they earn rather number of project they do … So we should keep our price bit reasonable if we we want to come on the list of highly recommended seller !!!


I agreed with you. Thanks for tip.




I know exactly right. Never shared this thought. Thanks @clippin_expert for sharing it with us to improve Fiverr’s rate. We want our values which also helps fiverr as well.


Right said, also good price drives mindset to the buyer that you are not offering cheap quality service or trying to get a bunch of orders!


Offering big service at low price is the reason why fiverr is still the biggest market place because buyers always come with their 5USD to buy almost everything.

In any service we are rendering let’s try to create the best price for everyone, that’s why we have BASIC, STANDARD and PREMIUM option when creating gig.


Thank you so much for this article, I am a newbie to fiverr.


i agree with you :star_struck:


Thank you for this useful information.


thank you for this use full information:blush: :blush:


Yes Keep it simple and smart Price


I have a question can we share our fiverr gig link here?


I agree with this statement. The lower priced gigs are typically new sellers that are trying to start up their freelancing work by offering lower prices for new buyers. Buyers will see your reviews and know you are more experienced and that’s why your gig costs more than the new seller’s gig.


you would share your fiverr link under this blog section:


you click on more at the top of your screen the … button. and then you see buyer requests.