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Are you Offering Very Lowest Price Than the Fair Price?


Thanks. It should keep in mind.


Or people from countries there 5$ is almost a fortune.
For example for 5$ in London I wouldn’t even be able to buy a lunch for myself.


It’s a competitive platform, sellers will do this in an effort to stand out and get those first couple of reviews… But you do have a point. I don’t think any huge buyer would even look at gigs that are heavily discounted, e.g. 90%…


Thanks for providing your valuable opinion.


I’m new in fiverr. My first gigs are in the low price range. But there is a reason for that; I animate and those gigs offer that; In what I’ve already created, I’ll just add your name. So, eventually I think that something that it won’t be unique (I mean, it will be my creation, an original but it is a gig that needs a slight modification for someone to order it) it does not have to be expensive, since the work needed has been already mostly done.
But, if I am to create something unique, either I’ll price it properly (taking in mind though the cost of living in my country, at least to a point) or perhaps (in certain occasions only) with a slight discount, no more than 5-10% (in order to make it more attractive for someone looking in fiverr or elsewhere too). At least, this is how I see things as a newbie!


it seems those willing to pay the least cause the most problems - you decide.


Really helpful post it helps me to solve my problem


Thanks for good advice


You have said a good point. I think everybody should bring a nice competitive environment in the market place.