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Are you prepared to share an embarrassing experience?


We have all had them or can relate the tale of someone else’s embarrassing experience. Thought it might lighten the forum mood if we were to share some embarrassing experiences.

How to ? How it Works?

If I tell them here it will be embarrassing all over again.


Maybe … but we won’t be able to see your red face!:slight_smile:


I think the only one I would share here is this one:

When I was first working as a salesman, I had a big client and did a big quote for almost €20,000.
I gave some discount and knocked the price down to €17,500 and did a big sales pitch about how it was a great offer and made a big deal about it. I gave the client the written quotation and they were so happy and really over-the-top delighted - the woman hugged me and everything - it was crazy. They said yes, definitely they would take it as they could not believe I knocked over €15,000 off the price! I thought they had just made a slip of the tongue and I went to create the order. I created the invoice and handed it over to them -

they looked shocked and looked at the quotation I had given them - I had written €1,750 instead of €17,500.
The woman cried about it and I had to apologize over and over.
They walked out of the shop and I never saw them again.



I think both you and the woman shared the above facial expressions. It must have been as embarrassing for her as it was for you.


Knowing myself, I would’ve died a little inside. Or a lot. Maybe by 50%. Someone would probably need to call me an ambulance.




Mine is also sales related … some years ago I went to see clients in their own home. I sat opposite them in their lounge, chatted to them, made my presentation and closed the sale. As I picked up my briefcase to leave and say my goodbyes I happened to glance down and I was wearing two different shoes! Worse than that my next appointment was in 15 minutes and I had to go through the whole process again fully aware of the “shoe” situation! :blush:


You know the feeling when you’re so nervous that the slightest whatever triggers a giggle that - the more you try to suppress it - turns into uncontrollable laughter and all that’s left to do is to tumble off stage, making it the high note of your performance to drop the raw egg you were using as a prop while performing a sketch in front of a full auditorium?

Yeah, that. :joy:


Not going to lie, I was slightly disappointed that the link wasnt a video of this event :smiley:


Only on VHS :slight_smile:


VHS? Oh, My! :hushed:


I bought some expensive gourmet chocolate for a friend’s mom because that’s what he said she liked. I was visiting them a few months later, having a conversation on the porch.

Her, “Someone bought me these really expensive chocolates a few months back and it was terrible.i threw the whole thing out.”

Me, “That was me. I bought you those chocolate.”

Her, “Oh, . . .”


The reason behind the original post was to “lighten” the forum mood by just sharing embarrassing stories.


I have a particularly embarrassing story that actually motivated me to lose more than 100 pounds. I was in the bathroom, doing my business - I was around 265 to 275 pounds at the time - and I heard a crack. I was like, “surely not!” But, I get up and sure enough a toilet seat we had JUST replaced less than two months prior snapped on one side.

No, I am not kidding!

I could have blamed the split on cheap products from Wal-Mart or the fact that my husband and I weighed nearly 500 pounds together. However, I decided to use that as the motivator to start working out and lose the weight. I kept that cracked seat on the toilet for 6 months afterward - a pinched butt to remind me of the goal I was striving for.

Today, I am now in the lower 150s, and on June 20th, I am having surgery to remove the lower half of my stomach skin that is causing me physical health problems.

Cue laughter! It’s all good in my book now.


Well, I’ve had a lot of embarrassing experiences in my 20s, but 30s have been rock solid so far :slight_smile: Maybe because I’m not in the dating game anymore…so have taken the easy way out…


Too many to talk about - thank goodness most of them happened before the days of camera phones and the internet! :slight_smile:


@emeraldawnn Good luck with your surgery - hope it all goes well for you! Well done BTW!


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Writer’s embarrassing dating stories must be shared!