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Are you reading this FIVERR? I'm not mad, I'm just wondering


Hello there Fiverr!

First off, let me say that your website has changed my life and my possibility to really make it primarily online. In other words, I am really satisfied and happy over that this kind of website exists.

However, as you probably have also noticed, many people (aka sellers only mostly) are very concerned about the number-based rating system (including me).

Some are extremely pissed (and express it explicitly), and that is very understandable. I got my first “4.5” rating (Is this a thumb that is 81 degrees up?) although my overall is 5.0 (so far).

You have indeed raised the bars and made it harder for sellers trying to get off easily with a mediocre gig because people could at first only give thumbs up or down (or none at all).

Now, people can give stars that represent the experienced quality in terms of delivery speed, response quality and result quality. This is a good thing. The bad thing is that many will quickly see how this can be exploited. Also, is it really the same thing to give a $5 “product” or “service” 3.5 stars as it is to give a $3,999 product 3.5 stars? Furthermore; since the gigs are so diverse here, how do you say 3.5 stars means the same thing for one gig compared to another?

Most of people are very bad at valuing things and using “numbers of stars” does not really connect to anything real out there in the world whereas a price tag usually do. A thumbs up or down is better; it either is good or it sucked. I also actually find it funny that some thumbs up with comments sound like someone received a $100-service when they probably will rarely experience that on Fiverr (yes; I think both systems have their own “hypes” that are just not realistic, but the number-based one does represent reality even more wrongly according to me).

When this new rating system is exploited (which is why you see so many negative posts about the new rating system) many sellers will sell less and some will even quit. At the end of the day, the new rating system was just not the best idea that have come out of your otherwise awesome improvements, dear Fiverr.

When sellers who sell a lot switch from Fiverr to another website, you will LOSE income and possibilities for your company to sustain and grow (which is something you most likely want to avoid, right?).

I have a huge fascination for marketing and human psychology and online where people can appear anonymous, more people will be inclined to be more immoral, exploitative and just bad human beings than if they are observed, like in the real world.

It’s not that most of us are bad, we just do whatever we can to get through our daily lives and if we can get things easier, faster, and/or cheaper, (and most importantly; if we also think we can get away with doing this without feeling bad about it), most of us will “take advantage” (and it sounds negative in this way of expressing it) of it.

Let me just take a simple, yet, very over-the-top dramatic example; it is harder to shoot someone to death than it is to drop a bomb on them a few miles above them even if the second one is indeed more harsh and destructive. It is harder to shoot someone because you can see and feel the feeling of the other human being in front of you and empathy is a powerful thing that can control one’s behavior.

Therefore, more buyers will quickly realize how they can exploit this new system and since they can get away with it without feeling bad about it (they are like the pilot several miles above someone they are about to drop a bomb on; not to say that is what they intend to do), many will unfortunately do this. This might be an unintended consequence for you Fiverr who most likely, probably had a positive intention behind this new rating system.

However, it just failed and it is time to go back to what works for both people (sellers and buyers; thumbs up/down with a comment-system) or at least create a way for sellers to block certain buyers because there will always be some bad apples, particularly online where it is easier to be inclined to become one of those bad apples you don’t wanna eat (e.g. trolls, frauds, etc.,).

Finally, because most buyers cannot really see the other human being (the sellers) they are dealing with, they will have a harder time realizing how their somewhat (or a lot) exploitative actions will do to the sellers. For most people, text with a picture or no picture is only what everyone is to everyone here unless a video is used.

Hell, even I, am only a small piece of text (probably a nobody) to you Fiverr (or whoever is reading this) which makes my point clearer as you reading this post will experience exactly the issue behind the new rating system first-hand.

Take Care & Have An Awesome Day, Fiverr & You Seller/Buyer! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” K.