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Are you ready for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019?

ICC Cricket World Cup is going to start on May 30. Which team you are going to support? What do you think who are going to play Semi-final?


Wow what a match going on between Austrlia and Srilanka :heart_eyes:

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I tried to follow the game, but I couldn’t understand the rules, especially the scoring system :dizzy_face:


Dont you ever watch cricket match ??? @elenaelena568

Na, I gave up :sweat_smile:

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@elenaelena568 its so simple you jest need to follow the match then relate it with the score card. Gradually you will understand everything :heart_eyes:

A score card? :thinking:

I don’t like to watch others I play my self and watch myself. Watching a match consume a lots of time which I don’t like.


@dotadesign I respect your thought but we also need some entertainment right ? It is just a form of entertainment.:heart_eyes:

The score card show the lower part of your TV. you can google it and easily understand the full score card . @elenaelena568

I’ll try to explain it as succinctly as possible. :slight_smile:

“Boundary” is a cricket terminology that you need to know in order to understand the scoring system. All cricket stadiums in the world have an outer “boundary” all around them (360 degree), demarcated by a white-colored “boundary rope.”

One other thing you need to know is that there are two “wickets” (you could Google the term “wickets” to find out what that means :wink: ) on the cricket ground: one wicket indicates the “bowling end” from where bowlers bowl and the other wicket indicates the “batting end” from where batsmen (from the opposing team) hit the ball.

There are always two batsmen (from the opposing team) present on the ground: one batsman on either end (bowling end and batting end). Only the batsman standing on the batting end can hit the ball; the batsman standing on the bowling end can’t. He just has to wait until he gets the chance to run between the wickets to reach the batting end to hit the ball.

The cricket score is always represented by two numbers which are separated by a forward slash or a hyphen/dash (for example, 231/2, 146-6). The first number is the runs/points scored by the team and the second number is the number of wickets lost by the team. I will only explain the scoring system for runs; otherwise, it would make it too complicated.

So, here’s how the scoring works:

  • If the ball hit by the batsman crosses the boundary but doesn’t touch the ground until it crosses the boundary, the batsman scores 6 runs/points.

  • If the ball hit by the batsman crosses the boundary but touches the ground before crossing the boundary, the batsman scores 4 runs/points.

  • If the ball hit by the batsman doesn’t cross the boundary, the two batsmen can run between the wickets to score runs. The batsmen score 1 run/point for their team each time they run between the wickets.

I hope this makes it easier for you to understand the scoring system used in cricket. :wink:


Australia again :wink:
But i like India vs Pakistan :slight_smile: (to get cup in Asian countries)

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There is also three other asian country what about them ??? @desginkit

Thank you very much for your answer @hanshuber16 !

I must admit, I’ve had to read it over a few times. But I really appreciate you taking the time to explain it to me :slight_smile:

Can I ask you something else? What is it with hitting those sticks behind the batsman?

Those are the wickets! If a batsman, while running between the wickets, doesn’t reach the wickets before they (the wickets) are hit with the ball, the batsman gets called “out” and has to retire from the game. His place is taken by a team mate who is next in line in the batting order.

Like I mentioned in my previous post :arrow_down:

These wickets are placed in the middle of the cricket ground, separated by a distance of 22 yards (20.12 meters) between them.

Thank you for clarifying that. My, there are so many rules!

I’ll watch the next game with a different set of eyes now :sunglasses:


I know everyone have different mind and different thinking. Yeah it’s a source of entertainment. But I consider it’s more fun when we play it with our friends. The advantages of games increase more 10x

This is a very long game :smiley: You need to waste 7 hours of your life to watch one single game lol

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Sounds like the basis for a good drinking game :joy:


Wow today Bangladesh is goint to face India what do you think???