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Are you ready for St. Levels day?


St Levels day is upon us.

Are you expecting to be domoted?

Are you prepared?

What are you going to do about it?

I will go first.

  1. yes but fiverr have failed me by not telling me what I done wrong. They keep saying to ready the ToS and therefore received an infracton which means Level 2.

  2. Yes…I am currently working on an escape plan as I feel sellers are not listened to.

3 Branch out and not keep all my eggs in one basket.

…so who is next?


I’m going to enjoy “Jon Baas Day” instead. :wink:

The monthly Fiverr “holiday” of Jon Baas Day is the happy, upbeat alternative to the oftentimes more challenging St. Levels Day. :wink:


enjoy Jon Baas day. :slight_smile:


Thank you. And you as well. :wink:


Me too! My evaluation is Saturday so it will maybe need Jon Baas day to celebrate! :wink: :lying_face:

But . . .

I think I will be okay!


I don’t expect anything in life, good or bad. Just go with the flow and try to make the best of what is thrown at me.

Must say that I have a tendency to prepare for it by excessively playing Knights of Honor and trying to make Europe’s 5 most powerful States my Vassals.

Now and then I send my 5 star spy in turbulent, war striken States in order to grab the chance of him getting promoted as a Cleric, after which I spread heresy across the State’s regions and have the Pope excommunicate them from Catholic Church due to heresy spreading across their state just for the laughs of it.

Then I spend 4 -5 minutes pondering on the fact that this Classic was released in 2004 (14 damn years ago) and tremble in front of the genius of its marvelous creators.

Then all of a sudden my King dies with no male heirs and my most skilled Marshal whom I’ve spent hours upon hours making more skilled takes the opportunity to sieze the Throne in order to prevent the State from failing into chaos. He’s unable to fight battles for me anymore cause he has more important things to do - like running our growing kingdom…

I usually get too pissed off by it and go back to completing that Crowdfunding Page Copy for the world’s first washable pillow…

Hey, I know, but you asked…

Wishing you the best on Levels day.


you are not alone in this world


Richard, this I have to say is one of your finest -what I call- Bloch Quotes.
Old games are the best games, I still play Sensible World of Soccer - released in 1996.

Anyway, re Level’s Day, I am ok for now despite a couple of silly cancellations due to bugs, cancelled before requirements were filled in. I am ok due to a couple of additional orders, one of which was for a regular who asked me to proofread a really short text - the type I wouldn’t bother charging him for usually. Yep, I will make it up for him next time.


St. Level’s what? who? I think, I’ll be celebrating St. Jon Baas Day! :tada:
Hey, @jonbaas! Can we dress up as superheroes?


I forgot that it was coming up again. I’m only part-time on Fiverr, so I’ve been worrying about school more than work on here…

I think I’ll be fine, though. Hope everyone else is fine as well!


best of luck to you and your cancellations


:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: and lol


Sure! I think that would be a fantastic tradition to add to Jon Baas Day! :slight_smile:


Okie Dokie, it’s a deal. (I think Storm Outfit would be perfect – think Halle Berry)

Let us shake on it.



Ah, yes, the famous scene where Baasman is shaking hands with Superman. I like it!

Consider it a deal. :wink:


I will bring the spidey outfit.


Ha! And the “Fiverr Justice League” is born! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I can hardly wait to pick out my picture. Can our profile picture here be different than the one on our profile?


Sure! :slight_smile:


LOLz, bring it on!

Another option is The :black_joker: Joker :stuck_out_tongue: