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Are you serious?


My gigs used to be on the 2nd and 3rd row when you type in “psychic” in the search category.
Now they’re not even showing up! Are you serious Fiverr?


You still have one visible on the first page of the category.

People have to check both top rated seller and recommended to see mine.


On Relevance but not Average Ratings. I had like 5 gigs on that page. Why are there gigs with 1 5-star review being more visible than me?


As if my sales couldn’t get more worse than this. I emailed Fiverr and let them know, this SUCKS


Yes I remember seeing you all over that page recently. Have you been using your secret trick all this time?

They have removed mine from the Average Ratings page too for some reason although I keep getting 5 star reviews every day.

I think people look at Average Ratings the most.


Honestly no I haven’t, I’ve been juggling so much stuff.
I have about 15 orders in queue that I need to complete right now but it’s hard getting them done immediately.
You don’t think Fiverr is choosing which gigs appear on each page, do you?


This is probably the reason.


I can’t use my “trick” because I get a headache after doing a few readings. They take a ton of energy out of me


I know! I’ve been reading playing cards recently and they sort of give up after a few readings or I get exhausted. It’s like you burn out on them.


Remember how Fiverr announced that the search results were going to be transferred over from SEO-based results to tag-based results? This was noted to be a major search engine change that would be coming “in the next few months”. If I remember correctly, that was about two months ago.

As you know, today is August 1. Within the past 24 hours, I too have noticed some major search results and category listing shake-ups. The first of the month would be a reasonable date to push out a major site update. Perhaps these changes that you and I have noticed/experienced are a direct result of those announced search results upgrade.

I don’t know for sure… but it did happen on August 1. Coincidence. Maybe not.


Yes, I’ve seen this too today in the voice over category. I’m seeing 2 different delivered results; the normal and the “new” results, which has way different sellers displayed on Average Customer Review. It seems that the new results correlate with displaying the Average price for the gigs. And it’s broke because when you filter by gender it doesn’t actually apply that filter. They’re obviously still testing this and I would imagine comparing results. Hopefully they figure it out soon so we can all get back to some sense of normalcy… or at least adjust to a new normal.


My gigs don’t appear at all on the first page under “top rated seller” plus “average customer review.” I guess one 2 star review and the rest 5 star reviews over 4.5 years isn’t’ good enough?


Hey… I just offered an observation. I’m not saying I know what happened, why, or how permanent these changes might be.


Oh I didn’t mean to direct that at you sorry.


I guess I’m grateful for the four orders I have in my queue, but I’ve hit the point where I CAN’T BUY ANYTHING. Let’s hope I can make the groceries last…


Ah. Understood.

I’m sorry to hear that today’s update was so unkind to your gigs. I hope you are able to rebound somehow? … [hopeful shrug]


I hope we can all rebound.


I’m upset that I’ve been steadily increasing earnings all the time I’ve been here and had finally hit a number that is commensurate with what I should be earning and then the algorithm changed and I’m back to where I was years ago.

It was such a nice steady climb, very predictable, and knowing what exactly it would take to continue to increase earnings and then the rug was pulled out.

I know this is not something that is predictable and I should never count on anything,
but this site was really excellent at automatically rewarding extra hard work and dedication, as well as excellence.


When I read the above statement it seem to trigger the question. What is Fiverr rewarding these days? If not 5 star ratings, outstanding customer support, on time delivery, and so on, they must be going in another direction. To me, it seems Fiverr is leaning towards spreading the wealth. So a newbie with no rating or reviews has a chance to be on the first page over a veteran with hundreds of 5 star reviews.

I have peeked a little since the fall out. But nothing like it use to be. I went for about 2 weeks without any messages from new buyers. That really worried me since I knew I could not survive only on repeat customers. But now I’m getting messages from new buyers – not like I use to – but at least messages from new buyers are coming in daily.


That’s the only explanation I can think of. For a while my gigs were nowhere to be seen and gradually are making a comeback so hopefully they are getting it sorted out to be more fair to those of us who have earned having our gigs shown prominently over years of hard work. My orders, and earnings, are still half of where they were back in April but I hold out hope.