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Are you serious?

I didn’t see where they were, I was just guessing since how else would I go from rarely getting an order from a new buyer to suddenly getting five new buyers at once, within the space of a minute?

I’ve seen this happen before and it has always been something that happened on a daily basis before the new algorithm. It is something someone on fiverr does manually.

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I’ve seen that happen too. Personally, I’m guessing it’s from searching and so it would be in Relevance, but who knows. The big A is mysterious!

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It could be from searching but it is still done manually by someone on fiverr and is never left “open” for more than a minute in my case. One time a long time ago a staff member on fiverr told me in advance it would happen, a few minutes before, and they left it “open” for an entire weekend and I was flooded.

It is a faucet they can turn on and off at will.

I knew that if I tried to find where my gigs were as it happened that by the time I found them it would be over.

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Yea, I’ve assumed something like that happens based on my experience. I’ll go a few days without any contact and then get 4 in a few minutes. It’s been so fast I’ve never been able to track it down and I never knew if it was automated or human. But that is fascinating that you were warned. I’d love to receive that kind of message right now based on this summer! But it has picked up a little for me over the past few days, which is nice.

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As I said, before this new algorithm it happened almost every day aside from weekends.

It seems like they gave that up. This was the first time it happened to me since April.
In the four plus years I’ve been here it has been happening.

Hoping next time leave they leave the faucet open enough for 10 new sales. I can handle them.

So basically it’s not a code it is staff choosing gigs with free will, especially in the Average Ratings section?

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Fiverr Staff I love you guys, but you gotta put me in the first row of “psychic” in Average Ratings section because this girl needs to make money lol

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I think Average Ratings are primarily code based on the amount of orders delivered within the past 60 days. I may be wrong though.

I don’t know where the gigs appear when it happens. Haven’t you noticed in the past you might get a bunch of orders suddenly at one time after getting almost none for a while?
The orders suddenly pile up within a few minutes?

I notice it because I’m always here watching my orders so others might not notice when they come in. They will flood in all at the same time.

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That’s what I originally used to think too


I bet Fiverr staff is watching this thread right now thinking “these chicks are onto us :scream:” lol


If they ARE watching it is only to their advantage and ours too.
We are top sellers in our category who are here ready and waiting to take orders
and deliver them fast so why not let us have some?

Why let those slackers have the top spots? lol

If Average Ratings are based on how many orders have been delivered then why do I see gigs with like 15 reviews in the top two rows. Maybe they got those all within the last week.

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I highly doubt it’s done manually… It’s happening to everyone. One minute I’m on page 1 sitting on the top row, 10 minutes later I’m on page 1 sitting near the bottom, 10 minutes after that I’m on page 22… Now I’m back on page 1 near the top.

It would make no sense to do it manually. It looks like the new algorithm is just automatically rotating gigs around every so often. If you have good reviews and a lot of orders, you’ll probably appear on the front page more often then someone who doesn’t. But it means that the guy just starting off gets his gig on the front page for a short period of time as well.

Add me in too please, Fiverr. I’m not a TRS (yet) but I can handle lots of daily orders! :blush:

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I have been coasting along with repeat buyers since May mostly. If fiverr takes a look at what I was doing in earnings January through May when a drop off began, they can see that the new algorithm has not worked well for me at least.

It’s sad that I had shown what I was capable of to have it suddenly end.

It was wonderful to see the old faucet turn on again for a minute or two yesterday.
Like old times.

I’m thinking of posting my analytics page for the year to show what I’m talking about.

And with that additional frustration of seeing new buyers post in the forum about bad experiences they had with sellers, when the longterm quality sellers are right HERE! If only they would dig a little deeper to find that perfect seller!


Fiverr ya’ll wanna hook me up with some big orders? I need to make atleast 2k a month on this site lol

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