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Are you spamming or Promoting ? Check this before promoting your gig

There is large Difference between Spamming and Promoting to increase sell ,seller posts their gig link everywhere,
Please Note this - Fiverr Don’t Like Unusual Traffic from outside,

Your account is tracking all time. Fiverr has advanced tracking system.

If your gig will be getting continued outside unusual views then it will decrease rank, in your analysis your gig will get Get views but , there will be very less impression .
(Personal Experience)

Don’t post your gig URL unrelated blogs. Fiverr can track that source. it will not be affecting your account directly .But it will affect definitely.

So Be care full before sharing your gig link . Don’t do Cheap promotion. Eventually you are damaging your gig or account.

Always Follow Fiverr Rules. Gig Impression and Click does matter. impression and clicks are real. Because your impression related to Fiverr internal searches.
You are getting good Impression means Your gig appears on buyers search.

Just Follow Fiverr Rules And make sure to raise your sell Don’t Do any activity that will harm your account. Eventually, you will end up with no Order or less order.

Hope you Like this, And Correct me if I’m wrong at anywhere.
Looking forward to hearing your views on this.
Share your Experience.

Thank you.

Some of this is not true. Fiverr strongly encourages outside promotion and loves traffic. I advertise on my own site, on blogs, on forums (not this one) and on YouTube. I agree with you that spam is undesirable and you should advertise in places where your gig is relevant. That doesn’t mean all external promotion is spam. When I get traffic, my gigs do better and Fiverr makes money.

I am not sure where you got these ideas but my tip to readers is: promote yourself! Don’t break ToS of course and don’t break rules of 3rd party sites, but otherwise go out and advertise your heart out.

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Which website I can promote my link to ?

Please see:

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