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Are you still like how i was?

I was a type of person who would reply to most of the post without reading anything just saying “great information” and all. The reason i did this was that i thought i would get more orders by doing this. But i think i was wrong. And i have changed now as now i take my time to read each post and i only comment if i know anything about it.

There maybe many people like me. But i wanna tell you that try to help others.

What do you think?


I would love to know why you thought this.



What a thoughtful dude!

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right. i love to know your thought.

Oh my God! They exist! People who think!


It is the same as if someone came out of the friendzone.

Thank You!


The love button is there for a reason, there shouldn’t be posts just saying thank you and great information without adding to a topic. Use the button for appreciations not add another reply.


I wonder why so many users do this (maybe a guru has something to do with it) and I do hope the OP replies to my post above.


Great information. Thanks for sharing.


Not completely related, but I remember someone complaining why their topic was closed (it was closed because there was nothing new to say, there were just folks saying thank you). That person was actually enjoying the endless thank yous they’ve received for that topic…and the topic was opened again, so more people could say thank you.


Finally, someone on the forums with self-awareness.


There was someone bragging about making $16000 and that post was going for months. Considerably longer than any similar “I made $X, yay!” posts would.

It’d disappear for a while and then someone would conveniently bring it back with “congratulations!”. A “thank you” would follow and it’d start a new chain reaction of congratulations/thank yous. That post was eventually closed. But there was definitely some kind of idea/ploy behind the behavior.

I was so intrigued by the entire thing.


But what kind of idea/ploy could it be? I don’t get it.

I’d think they were going for extra exposure by keeping the post relevant for months. Who knows where they got the idea from but I was mesmerized by that dedication. They later put up a #staysafe/#covid19 post to advertise the direct link to their gig as well.

Too bad it destroys the whole forum.

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It really does destroy the forum. I’ve noticed that I was missing a lot of great helpful posts lately just because the forum is endlessly spammed by people like our friend here who think that they will get orders only by replying to every post they come across.

Good to know that some come to their senses, but still, the forum is over spammed, definitely.


This is the first time I’ve seen a reformed meksell though. A glimmer of hope.


Someone congratulated me yesterday on earning $4 from a $100 order (a “display” bug as it turned out). I just thanked them. Couldn’t think of a witty reply.


You didn’t say to him “i wish you this type of success for your next orders”?


I thought you’ve copyrighted the word mek sel these last few days. But I see that it has been around for quite some time now :slight_smile:

I just thank people at this point. I gave up.

Plus, it wasn’t as bad as seeing dozens of congratulatory comments under a post about someone getting a warning or a permanent ban. Congratulations and thanks for the “valuable information”. They love the word “valuable” for some reason. And “kindly”.