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Are you strictly a Buyer? What do you think of Star Ratings?

While I am an occasional buyer, my primary role on Fiverr is a Seller. Therefore, it is difficult for me to form an objective opinion about how buyers perceive Star Ratings.

What do you think, Buyers? Do you prefer the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down method of rating a Seller or the new system of rating several aspects of orders with one to five stars?

There have been a number of posts by buyers.

In all but one exception that posted comments have been on the side of returning to the thumbs up. On the other side, it was a buyer who is also a program developer who was making up potential benefits. Being a positive, contrary voice more than a real advocate.

Finally, there have been many seller anecdotes of interactions with buyers saying that the system us bullocks.

Reply to @anarchofighter: I must have missed them! I know Robert has been quite outspoken, and I saw a post by kornilov, but those were the only two I caught.

Guess my observation skills are slipping :slight_smile:

Reply to @mystic_insight: As a seller, I agree. But when Fiverr says it makes everyone happy, it makes me wonder how buyers really feel about that statement.

I bought, on average, 50 gigs a month (with extras). Since the implementation of this feature, I haven’t and won’t buy any more. It’s a sad state of affairs when buyers are asked to rate a $4 value transaction on four different (often subjective) areas.

Reply to @kissreviews: I’m blushing. :">

I don’t know what IDIOT on Fiverr’s staff came up with this failed ARSe system… but what really puzzles me, is that NO ONE in Fiverr Management, is listening to the crowd as Fiverr gets Boo-ed down into the Sewer!


Reply to @mystic_insight:

mystic_insight said: I've never seen the forums so packed until now.

I have to agree with you on this statement. Some people I've never seen in the forum are making their displeasure known.

ONE WOULD THINK... Fiverr would L-I-S-T-E-N! But, obviously it's like talking to a child or banging our heads against the wall... nothing is coming of it! Fiverr has been my primary source of income for the last year and half. Not because I want it to be, but because I stay THAT BUSY! However, if they stick with the stupid ARS rating, they may as well face that fact that they blew themselves up.

I’m a seller, but I buy enough that I can speak to this from the buyer’s perspective. And for me, I would think it would all boil down to one simple factor: When I buy, I want the best work I can get. Happy sellers do better work. This ridiculous stars system is not making any buyers I know happy, it’s making them upset, angry and disillusioned. Seems like an elementary equation to me.

What bothers me the most (as a seller) is that the rating is four subjective categories and we receive four dollars in commission. The rating is like getting dollars taken off our commission every time someone takes a star away. The money we receive is too small an amount to be so detailed with the rating statistics. I have wanted to purchase as a fiverr user but now that the start system has been implemented I don’t want to.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting star reviews for only one category and that’s overall. Maybe Fiverr changed it or I was just demoted from Level 1 and I don’t know that (lol).

Hey, lookie here, a buyer who doesn’t like the system either.

Reply to @anarchofighter: Excellent!

bachas85 said: Exactly!! I'm all for bringing simple objective back!.....

Let's be clear on one thing, the Thumbs UP/Down system was also subjective.

But it was subjective and HONEST ABOUT IT.

The problem with the ARS is it's even MORE subjective, but it calculates all these 1/4 stars and rates in all these categories as IF it was meaningful and could be trusted when those of us who are deep in this know better...however, we're trying to provide value and services to brand new buyers who will think ...especially when it's also called a "negative review" that 3-star work is BAD!

FIVERR LISTEN TO US!!! Bring back the THUMBS UP/THUMBS DOWN system, plain and simple!

The real problem with the new rating system is that as a buyer (strictly buy only, I don’t sell anything on Fiverr) is all the crying the sellers will do.

I mean, 5 star ratings are actually very common all over the internet. But if I were to actually rate people here, they would cry.

Like, I use 6 different video makers. One of them is the best, 3 are okay, 2 are slightly worse than the others. So with the 5 star rating system, if I used it like I use it on other websites, I would be actually rating services from best to worst. The result would be - one guy happy with 5 stars, and all the others crying because they got 4 and 3 stars.

Also, if I do rate people 3 stars, wouldn’t they be upset and make bad videos next time or cancel because they think I’ll just rate them low anyway?

So with that sort of result I will just be doing 5 stars for people. But what’s the use of a 5 star system if buyers can’t really rate honestly?

In case you were wondering, the best seller I know has paused her gig so I can’t use her anymore, hence why I am using other gigs. I can’t know how good people are until I buy their gig. Also, even people will worse videos can still be useful if they have a faster delivery time. This is all subjective anyway, isn’t it?

Reply to @meili1: Thank you for posting your thoughts.

meili1 said: This is all subjective anyway, isn't it?

Subjective, most definitely. Your four star could receive a five from me, and vice versa.

meili1 said: Also, if I do rate people 3 stars, wouldn't they be upset and make bad videos next time or cancel because they think I'll just rate them low anyway?

I think you've got a higher chance of future cancellations than bad videos if you reorder from someone you gave three stars to. That's my thought. But if they were only middle of the road, and you can't rate them any higher, I imagine you wouldn't really want to hire them again. Am I wrong?

meili1 said: But what's the use of a 5 star system if buyers can't really rate honestly?

You are spot on. I feel as though if I can't leave five stars across the board, I'd rather not rate at all.

@kissreviews @bachas85 I might order again from the middle of the road/mediocre sellers because this is the real world. Fiverr is not some sort of hypothetical place where you always get the best of the best each and every time, is it?

@bachas85 And that is my exactly my point - if you are supposed to rate whether you are satisfied or not then we should be using the thumbs up or down ratings. That says whether you accept it or not. 5 star type of ratings are not meant for that type of all or nothing approach. Why would there even be 5 stars if you are not meant to separate the best from the rest?

@kissreviews - is it currently possible to not review using the 5 star ratings but still leave a comment? Like no star rating but I can like say “video was too bright but the dialogue was okay.”

Reply to @meili1: Good question, but I imagine not. You’d probably be prompted. Maybe someone else will jump in with the answer.

BTW, 3 stars is a perfectly acceptable rating. 3 stars in a 5 star rating scheme almost always means “okay, acceptable” but I know fiverr sellers will definitely complain tons and tons if you give them less than 5 stars.

Normally 5 star ratings would break down to:

5 star - the best of the best. You only give this to the perfect products and services that you would be happy to buy again and again.

4 star - good

3 star - okay

2 star - not okay, definitely do not like

1 star - the worst

And yes, as a buyer, for me most gigs would, by definition, fall under the middle 3 star rating.

If you think “acceptable quality” should be 5 star then what would the other stars mean?

Real life example, employee rating scale:

5 – Exceptional performance. The employee changed the way the company operates and has provided great value to customer experience and profitability.

4 – Above average performance. The employee excels over others in a talent area. (It is manager’s job to find and cultivate these talents.)

3 – Performance meets expectations. Every job has tasks that need to be done consistently well. Discuss and acknowledge these so that employees can focus on the most opportunistic aspects of their jobs.

2 – Needs improvement. Without this rating there is no opportunity to convey areas where an employee seems to be slipping and needs support. This is a great opportunity for the manager to develop a better relationship with the employee.

1 – Poor performance. Behavior exists where an employee is experiencing apathy over a period of time even after developmental interventions.

bachas85 said: I say objective because the question is simple, was it a good job, or bad job, explain.

My point is two people can see the same job differently, so it's still subjective.

However, this is a trivial point.

You see objective as "Yes/No"... I see it as "unequivocal"

What we absolutely agree on is that the ARS fails where the review system succeeds.