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Are you tensed that you are not getting orders?

Hello you are tensed that you are not getting orders. Issue will be in your profile or gigs . Checkout my gigs and get a idea that how you will create attractive gigs for getting orders.

If I have to be honest, I don’t think your gigs look attractive.

Your pictures look like something from Tell-Sell to me and I’m not saying this to be rude, but I just think your gigs aren’t as attractive as you think.

I have already checked your gig but i think these gig not attractive. Also you have joined 7 month ago but you have only 20 reviews. You have recent delivery shown 20 days ago…May be you are too much tensed about getting order. So i will high recommend to you please checkout my gig. I have joined 24 april 2016 but i have 43 reviews. So i think, you should follow me.

yes, i am level-2 seller and almost i have 350+ all positives reviews. but No orders coming now days.

i don’t know why.

regularly i update our gigs and promoting in social media and others platform too.


You are right would you please tell me what do you mean by Tell-sell?
It will help me if you guide me

same issue with me no sale

It’s called silly season. :slight_smile: No, joke aside, this is the life as freelancer. There are good days and bad days. Don’t worry too much. Don’t pressure yourself too much. You should invest your time in something good. Get more knowledge, create more gigs, work outside of Fiverr.

If you are not getting orders the good idea to work on your skills and improve it. When I am not receiving orders, those day I try to learn something new.
This is very good to check every day Buyer Request, when we receive orders then we always ignore to check the buyer request. Make this a habit and always check the buyer request and response.

Not receiving orders is likely due to season. That is why it is always good to add variation in what you offer. Right now, one of my more popular gigs, essay writing has not received orders in quite some time. That is a direct result of the fact that it is summer and there are a lack of people in need of said service. Does that mean I am not getting business? No. Because I have other services I offer, this has permitted my other gigs to expand. Currently, another form of writing that I offer has illustrated massive expansion. Try new things and you may be happily surprised.

Not fair to compare if you have a Co of 20 employees. You probably send your customer over to Fiverr to order.

Have you ever seen a tell-sell advertisement on tv? They spam the picture full of words and images that don’t add any value to the picture.

It would be better if you used a picture that looked a bit more professional. Take a look around Fiverr and see what other people who offer the same service as you, use as their picture.

My orders go up and down all the time. I make it a point not to worry about it ever.

Your gigs look fine from the outside, although you’re missing some words in your titles like “i will make unique webdesign” Should be “I will make a unique webdesign” etc.

Thanks a lot for your advise :slight_smile:

Dear, if you’ve been online 24 hours then hope you will get order again.

Yes, my orders are hugely down at the moment. However, I always treat this as an opportunity to finally improve my offerings and look for new opportunities. I don’t understand why other sellers don’t…

So are mine, have been for almost a year. Did my research, logging and analyzing and i know the exact reason why (that is why My fiverr sales are down and not going back up).