Are you thinking about Joomla? Let me explain what the heck it is and what you need to know!


As a result of my gig that explains to people thinking about having a website built, I quickly discovered a niche audience that NEEDS to know what the heck a content management system is, what are some differences and specifically regarding Joomla, what are some possibilities, what to ask for, what to LOOK for and what to expect.

If you’re considering have a website design and/or built for you. I highly recommend you talk with me about what to expect and give you an explanation in WHAT can be done for you in ENGLISH, not tech speak.

ONLY on fiverr do I offer this advice at this price. In my normal life I charge $100 an hour.

I’ve worked with over 800 clients and now how to help you make smart decisions and not go into a sales process in the dark.

Check out these gigs and chose the one best suiting your current situation.

I honestly end up giving people more time than they pay for and this is ONLY to help you make smart decisions.

Look forward to working with you and giving you great advice.


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I hope that anyone considering gigs for Joomla talks to me first. I can help you make a good decision and even give you some ideas on gigs here on Fiverr to use for the services!