Are you Tired Of buying Fake Fans ?! do u will rather prefer a prof before giving your money away?


Hello , Do you really Tired Of Fake Fans Just wasting Money on Nothing ?!!! may i know what the reason for not trying new deals ?? Are you wondering what Kinds of deals ? let me Tell You :smiley:

Today i will Try a new attitud in my fiverr Offers i will Give you 15 Fans and Not only Real Fans But Real and TARGETED FANS FRom The Country of your choice :slight_smile: is that sounds Okey with you ?

and whene i say Fans i mean :

Facebook Fans

Facebook Post share

Facebook Post Like

Twitter Followrs

twitter Retweet

and Youtube Subscribe

SO Give it a Try and then order My gig ifyou see its worht it :smiley: Have a nice day


For people who want to know how i do That they can Buy My other gig about How you can get 100-1000 fans in one day

i will show you the whol procces in a video with My voice explaining everything :smiley:


I might order your gig if they are 100% real, but I noticed one of the comments you said you couldn’t deliver the likes because the page was age restricted. You should probably mention that on your gig before more people leave you negative feedback for not delivering likes.


Yeah Right i just forget that i will Edit My gig Just Right Now Thank you for your Nice Advice and Yes they are real like i said i can give you 15 Country Targeted before oredring :smiley:


Reply to @arnevb: Thank you But i love to Do that :slight_smile: sometimes i like to write like this too Hi My NaMes MaNal LoOoOoOoL


Reply to @arnevb: so true i realy liked your advise and i will try to apply it



Reply to @madmoo: what do you mean dear friend ? :slight_smile:


This post is LoL sauce. Ever wondered what those squiggly red lines under words mean when you type them? I dunno … random decorations I guess. Gotta love it!


Reply to @madmoo: I am sorry but i see that you are trying to cret a bad reputation for my work please why do you said fke fans ? do you try it ? do you know what i am doing ? Please dont allow to your self to judj people that you have no idea about them


Are there better alternatives in fiverr to buy “country targeted fans/likes” for a fb page?


This Gig has been sold many times to few recurring buyers (which may be good), but the GigRating has in this case not enough history to be accurate :frowning: I may try it just for testing.


Reply to @madmoo:hhh oh okey i get it now i am so sorry

but you know i am from morocco and its a litle bit difficult for me to understand you 100 per cent thank you


done your turn !


Reply to @jack1998: what is that dear friend ???