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Are you waiting in line for a top seller to proofread your work?

Waiting in line for a top seller proofreading tons of work wastes time. Top sellers are busy with dozens of queued orders and it may be a mystery when they will accept yours. It is better to skip the line and try a new seller who will set your order first. Consider the gigs operated by Joseph Miccolis, who is a new seller with over 10 years of qualified experience and focuses on efficient services and effective results.

Proofreading service? :confused:

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Yes. I have seen that top sellers with proofreading services are backed up, so it is an excellent opportunity to give buyers similar services from a fresh brand.

I have visited the link
But didnt understood what are you talking about

He is offering proofreading service.

What exactly is it that you do not understand?

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I understand now thanks