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Are your Fiverr Sales down?


Hi community.

I was just wondering if anyone else is experiencing slow sales for the past week? My gig is continuing to rank in the same place but my sales have dropped.

Maybe it’s the time of year.

Hoping for some insight on this! :slight_smile:


Count me in. After I canceled my 2nd order. My sale is down to 0. Although I am bidding a lot. I am not getting client’s reply after I send them offers. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


i am also experiencing since last week even though I got tips in my last two jobs but I am not getting even response from sending buyer request forget about auto order.


If you’re not getting responses from the Buyer Request section, why do you keep sending requests? Perhaps now is a good time to research and find other ways to market and promote your gig.


i use to get response but just last two days not getting response


Yeah… and what are you doing about it? (Complaining on the forums doesn’t count. :wink: )


I am not complaining just sharing whatever I there anything wrong with you?


Why do you ask? I’m just fine. I am merely encouraging new “I’m not getting sales” sellers – like yourself – to take action and improve your situation. Suggesting that there is something wrong with me because I am trying to help you change your perspective, is incredibly rude.


writing experiences that I faced doesn’t mean I am complaining about the forum @jonbaas. I hope it clear now to you .and thanks for your supportive intention


Not if you do it in moderation, but wring about your lack of sales in multiple topics gets old. If you spent even half the time writing about not having sales on the forums, and, instead, actually did something productive to reach out to your target customers and earn your sales… you’d have more sales.

So yes, “I don’t have enough sales” DOES become complaining, when you post about it all over the forum. :wink:

I really wish you’d stop saying this. I understand your intentions. And yes, they are clear to me… and not in the way you want them to be.

Ah, spin. It is often easier to spot than most people realize.


I think you are nobody to judge on other and it’s better to focus on your own job rather than other’s


I am not judging… I am encouraging you to think productively (something you are clearly not doing). I bet if you did some research, figured out who your target customers are, and then went to wherever those customers are located, and told them about your services… you’d probably find a few people that want to work with you. Maybe you need to spend less time “sharing your experiences” all over the forum, and instead, share your gigs with the people who need your services.


ok. please i think we should close this topic here @jonbaas


Yes. Brilliant! That’s a great idea! You can use the time to market your gigs!


That feeling when you watch someone try to give someone else real suggestions, and the other person just plugs their ears and turns away…


advice should have a price. Offering it without any return won’t be comfortable or welcome.


See, that’s some good advice. From now on, @jonbaas should start charging $4.99 for each piece of advice he hands out on the forum.


The thing is, though, the very people to whom I am offering my advice, would probably start begging for a discount. :stuck_out_tongue:


In this forum setting, though, I am trying to help people. I don’t need to be capitalistic in order to do that. And, as for it not being comfortable or welcome, that confuses me. I know many new sellers that saw my advice on the forums, appreciated it, and put it into action. Now… well, now they’re making sales, and building their success. Sooo…not comfortable or welcome? I disagree.


Many people have learned from Jon’s advice, and maybe you could improve your sales by listening to and learning from what Jon has to say.