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Are your Fiverr Sales down?


That feeling when you watch someone try to give someone else real suggestions, and the other person just plugs their ears and turns away…


advice should have a price. Offering it without any return won’t be comfortable or welcome.


See, that’s some good advice. From now on, @jonbaas should start charging $4.99 for each piece of advice he hands out on the forum.


The thing is, though, the very people to whom I am offering my advice, would probably start begging for a discount. :stuck_out_tongue:


In this forum setting, though, I am trying to help people. I don’t need to be capitalistic in order to do that. And, as for it not being comfortable or welcome, that confuses me. I know many new sellers that saw my advice on the forums, appreciated it, and put it into action. Now… well, now they’re making sales, and building their success. Sooo…not comfortable or welcome? I disagree.


Many people have learned from Jon’s advice, and maybe you could improve your sales by listening to and learning from what Jon has to say.


I don’t like the sound of the type of world you want to live in.


I know @jonbaas you are helping sellers on this forum. Here, there are some senior sellers who are sharing their experience and advice to the seller who faces any problem for the first time. Among them, you are the one. I follow them, you too. I read senior’s comments, threads and suggestions. I am being benefitted. But, few people can’t make sense that advice will be helpful for them and bring sales in. That’s why I thought, advice shouldn’t be free for everyone. It is valuable.


Well, let’s look at it this way then: Should I offer my skills for free here on the forum, or should I (hypothetically) make you pay for that advice? If you didn’t want to pay, you wouldn’t get my advice. So… is it such a bad thing that I choose to share my valuable advice for free here on this forum (and you don’t have to pay for it)? :thinking: :wink:


It’s never a bad thing you are helping us. And please don’t charge for your advice, then, we have to spend a lot of money.
Actually, advice is invaluable. Nothing is equal to it. We newbies sometimes fall short of expressing our gratitude to seniors because we don’t have more knowledge than them to share with. I follow your advice. Please don’t stop helping us or don’t charge. None can measure or estimate it’s price.


Nice One Dear All Talking Is Good In This Chat


My 2 cents on the argument.

  1. Yes, sales are down quite a bit but thankfully it’s not killing me thanks to returning customers and personally acquired customers.
  2. @jonbaas is one of the most experienced sellers on the platform and just an overall exceptionally successful individual who does more than just freelance. @mdkawsaralam123 so you might wanna listen to him if you want your situation to improve.


Advice for the future, stop calling people dear.


i not get any order from 1 week sales going to much down :frowning:


I don’t like that world also.


Sales go up and down, it’s normal, at least in my case, but yes, I have a slow pace in the last 15 days


Same as, my sales down since last 2 months when I canceled an order.


I will say my sales dropped off significantly this week. So, hitting the buyer requests hard, using the extra time to upgrade my software and up my game, and try and get the new gigs I’ve been planning for a while from concept to reality. Slow week doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done! Having said that some sales wouldn’t hurt my feelings, ha ha!


You are right brother.


My tip for you is to lower prices on difficult times.
Since Fiverrs idiotic new algorithm kicked me out from a level 2 seller to NO LEVEL (how insulting after 3+ years in this site) I knew I am going to have a decrease in sales and lowered my prices in 20$ per order (I completely cut commercial fee).
And im glad to say that since I did it I have more orders.