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Are your gigs showing up in search results?

Did they change their search algorithm? I used to show up at the top for certain keywords, now I don’t show up AT ALL for any keywords, even words in the title of my gig. I was getting steady sales, now I haven’t gotten a single sale in days. And the sales I’ve gotten for the past week are repeat customers. I wonder if anyone else is having their problem? When I search for certain keywords, unrelated gigs appear.

Mine show up fine with keywords. They aren’t high up but I’m not too surprised since my delivery times are slow right now. It’s possible that some of your gigs are not in search because of the social media issue. Those kind of gigs are very tough to market on Fiverr right now. The book review gig probably won’t show up either. That’s only a guess, but I’ve noticed quite a lot of people with this type of issue.

Could you please tell me how to find if my gig shows in search results corresponding to my keywords?

I believe I have the same problem. I tried all of the keywords for a few of my gigs and I was not able to find it at all. I narrowed the results to two gigs, none of which was mine.

It’s annoying because I’m new here and I’m losing my enthusiasm without clients.

Log out of your Fiverr account and go to the main page. Search for gigs using the same keywords and/or tags that you used. If you are somewhat new, have low sales, or have recently changed status somehow you may need to scroll through quite a few pages to see if you can find your gigs. That is the only way I know of. Fiverr search does not appear to be an exact science to me. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response! :slight_smile:

that’s depends on your gig in includes Categories & Tags…
Ex, if you select or set in gig Tags opencart and go to search in “opencart” than fetch all the opencart related gig and priority will be set as order, response rate etc the rule of the fiver means searching criteria on depends… that display of the gig one by one depends on etc as i explain below…

I thinks Fiverr needs to fix this issue. My gig is not showing up neither I see in the forums that this is an old problem. Come on fiverr don’t just take the money fix the issues!.

Seriously, there should be a little bit more justice for new users, how are we supposed to be motivated to make money if you’re only showing the top guys GIGS?


i have a gig with 4.9 rating and 5 active order…
yesterday i search my gig is showing in search page
but now i dont see my gig anymore at any page in search page,

so what happens with my gig??


i have a gig with 5.0 rating. and that’s gig complete 674 order.
Some times my gig display, some times not display on when i will type in Search bar with Opencart.
but now i dont see my gig anymore at any page in search page, Totally Shocked with that result… if this type of search display than we lose new Buyer or some Effect on Earning.

so what happens with my gig??

I rarely see my gig in a search, even when using certain keywords. I see the number of impressions every day, so my gig MUST be up there at times. Guess I just need to trust the process.