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Are Youtube Conversions Copyright Infringements?

I have an idea for a gig that would involve downloading videos from Youtube and converting them into a chosen file type. I am only looking to offer people a conversion service and in no way intend to claim the material as my own. For example, making a video available for offline viewing. Would this be a copyright infringement, as I do not own the rights to the original video?


Yes. It would because you wouldn’t be able to prove that a buyer ordering from you owned the material. If they did, they would also already have access to the original uploaded to YouTube.


You can’t download someone else’s work who is not the owner, convert the file type and sell that. Of course it is copyright infringement.

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Not only is that copyright infringement but you could literally do that for free online yourself lol.


Youtube users often use downloaders or converters to rip videos from the website and convert to an audio MP3 format.

In essence, this lets people listen to music for free on their phone - but the practice has been criticised as it also rips off the music industry almost to the point of breaking.

Illegal online music downloads have been a big problem for musicians and producers who want to be paid for their work.

Youtube converters are quick, extremely easy and anonymous, with users able to download and convert any song or video into an audio MP3 file on Youtube.

For such cases, best to check with support team to be safe. You don’t want to waste hours working on it then have it removed or violate tos.