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Aren't there any other forms of payment apart from Paypal? My country doesn't support paypal account


Bangladesh doesn’t support Paypal. So, how I am going to withdraw my money. Are there any other ways? Please help I have started two projects already!


@momotabashar Yes you can use payoneer card to transfer your fiverr earnings. You need to order for a payoneer card first and then u can transfer ur fiverr funds to them and cash them at atm machines in your country


@momotabashar - you can apply for the Fiverr Revenue Card and withdraw your Fiverr earnings through Payoneer!

You can sign up for the card directly on - just choose Payoneer as a payment method and you’ll go through the signup process easily.


Reply to @romi_payoneer: Thank you for the info. But can’t I directly transfer the money to my bank account from the Fiverr website?


Reply to @romi_payoneer:

Hey I already have the payoneer card. Do i need to apply from fiverr again to get funds?


Reply to @momotabashar: No you cant. Just apply for a payoneer card. and they will give you. its very easy. & @adi_6294: no don’t need. first apply for a card and then tell peyoneer you already have a card they will add this this card with yours.


Thank you very much to all of your valued comments… but does payoneer card has any extra fee or anything?


Reply to @adi_6294: If you already have a Payoneer card, you will need to merge between Fiverr and Payoneer.

In order to associate your Fiverr account with your existing Payoneer card, please complete the following steps:

  1. Please log in to your Fiverr account and submit a new Payoneer application, using a different email address than the one associated with your existing Payoneer account (needs to be a valid email address that you can access).

  2. Once you submit the application you will receive a reference number via e-mail confirmation. Please reply to this e-mail with the reference number after you’ve received it.

  3. Once we receive the reference number for the new application, we will assist you with merging the Fiverr account to your existing Payoneer card.


Reply to @momotabashar: There’s a set of fees and pricing for every Payoneer card. When applying for the Fiverr Revenue Card you have a fee structure specific for Fiverr. Once you’re approved for the card, you can access a full list of fees and pricing in your Payoneer “My Account”.


Thank you! :slight_smile: