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Arent there too many freelancer here?

I wonder if there are too many people offering same work here, will I ever get a chance?
Nobody sees my gigs also…I have 0 clicks

I don’t see that there’s such thing as “too many freelancers”. It gives a buyer more options to choose from.

Sure, it’s more competition for the individual seller, but there’s always someone who will rise above the group and stand out. Even if you’re offering the same services, surely there’s some way you can differentiate yourself.


did you ever go to the traditional fruit market? the sellers offer the same type of fruit.
banana . . banana . . I sell bananas and the other sellers said I sell bananas too . . who wants my bananas . .

it depends on you.

try promoting your gig(s).

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Try to promote your gig in social media. Also, You can learn below link
or You can contact with Fiverr support team.