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Argent need help about rating

Hello There,
I have got an order last month. I have do this job as per the requirement. I have delivery and third time modify. I have give than and the buyer come to online and didn’t any reply. After one month later the buyer come at the Fiverr and give me a review with 2 rating.

But I have complete with respect and requirement.
The order Automatically complete as.
What can I do to modify the rating or remove?


Reviews cannot be removed or modified. If a buyer reviewed your services at a ‘2’, then it is likely because that is what she/he in earnest believed you deserved.

I’ve read the review to which the rating relates. I won’t post it here, as that may be a no - no, but the issues raised in the review appear to be legitimate and you should both pay heed to and learn from them.

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