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Around 200 impression per day for a No level seller is it a good rate?

I get around 200 impressions per day for a GIG is it a good rate? I am a No level seller

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i have 50 impressions weekly… so you lucky!

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The luck is on sales not on number of impressions.

To know the rate you need to know the number of clicks and orders also.


And how many orders? If no orders, it means you did a good Search engine optimization, but your gig is not attractive, something is wrong. You should improve it (porttfolio, gig image, thumbnails etc.

But checking your gig, you are offering gigs in different, sometimes unrelated areas. Try to figure out what you want to do most of all, and only offer that.


Thank you for your advice, i will remove the ones which i am not master at and keep the gigs related to each other.

Do you think, more impression give good rating?

More impressions will let you know how good your GIG SEO is and how your GIG ranks on the fiverr search results, though ratings are completely dependent on your service you deliver to your buyer and how he is satisfied by it.