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Around 350 designs for a 70$ budget?!

Hello Sellers,

Sorry, but I had to… I’ve been seing ridiculous requests on the BUYER REQUESTS section, like a very hard work to do with a very low budget and today I found a new one! This buyer was needing around 350 designs for a budget of 70$! Like, W H A T !?!!! What’s even worse is that around 40 offers have been sent already. If there was not a limit in daily offers, I would just send them an “offer” telling them that their request is ridiculous. And we buyers, whould stop offering hard works for such low budgets, only then buyers will understand we are humans too and our work has a value!


Exactly! Thank you for your support.

(From the seller perspective:)


That’s right.
If everyone thought like you, sellers would get the right price for their work


I agree. I’ve seen some ridiculously low asking prices out there with an inordinately high amount of requirements attached to them. Plus, the sent offers tab is always piled high.

Honestly, they don’t make sense to me in any way, with regard to time, effort or money. I understand that people come to Fiverr because the overall rates are more conducive to their budget maybe, but some requests are plain ridiculous.

I genuinely hope buyers start putting realistic rates and sellers start evaluating these offers more.


I got a person appear in my Messenger earlier today. Said he tracked me down from seeing me here. He then said he was frustrated because the work he got here was not great. He tried several times to move me to email.

He couldn’t/wouldn’t really explain what he wanted done and totally dodged every attempt to show his budget. Just saying how short the sound parts were - like 20 secs of an Audio Ident is easier than a Pop song (hint, it ain’t - Netflix probably paid a bomb for the Ba Bumm ident and it was soooo worth it).

I tried several times to explain that I need real targets incl. budget before I can price anything. Ultimately he snapped at me, commanding that I send a proposal anyway. Nuh uh.

I think he was probably sending to several people at once and chasing a peanut price. Doing this outside of Fiverr to avoid fees so he could push prices even lower (and avoid fees himself). I think he wanted to get me on email solely because it is less personal than Messenger.

I also think he was so caught up in how clever he was as da bidnessman that he had no idea how unprofessional, and therefore insulting, he was being. It is this cluelessness (or outright cheating) that is destroying the freelance space.

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It is very sad that some sellers spoils the market by going too low as they tend to feed the mentality of these types of buyers. I am definitely sure these sellers don’t give a sh*t about quality because if they did they would have valued their work and have known it’s worth. You only get 100’s of anything for $100 in a scrapyard not in a decent shop.

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