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Arrogant buyers


I know we all have arrogant buyers, people who want way too much for the little they pay.

I had one too, apparently he wants his gig delivered within 2 hours not knowing the fact that after effects rendering take a lot of time.

He said he will cancel the gig if I don’t deliver within time.

Since I am not a level 1 seller yet, even though I already have more than 10 completed deliveries, will this ONE negative review stop my progress? I am really eager to turn level 1 and I don’t want this to stop me from levelling up


It’s actually a very long story…

he liked few of my gigs, ordered one of them. I fell sick - couldn’t deliver on time - offered to provide 1 gig (he liked) for free. He agreed, I provided 2 gigs. He liked 1, didn’t like other. Made changes few times and he still wasn’t satisfied. I had wasted more than 8 hours on one order. I do not get the happy feeling working for the buyer anymore, will this negative review stop me from gaining levels? :confused:


Prince Maxx, I probably shouldn’t say this, but I LOVE to mess with Arrogant Buyers.

The art of persuasion is where you tell someone to Go To FragglesRock in such a way that they look forward to the trip.


Reply to @anarchofighter: Haha I’m the opposite, I try my best to make the customer happy but when the customer is impossible to please I think the best way is to tell him to do just as you said.

I actually told the buyer to cancel the order, let’s see what happens


I know you’re a good little Prince. I’m more like … the Evil Queen.


Reply to @anarchofighter: HAHA true that. I respect you for that.


So apparently the buyer has confirmed the delivery thus he cannot cancel it.

I asked him if I should order 1 of his gigs to make up for the money lost, do people do it or is it just me? Is it right or wrong?


You can reach out to Customer Service

If your buyer is in agreement in the message thread, to remove negative feedback and get a refund, Fiverr can do it for you. Even if you cannot do it yourself.




Reply to @princemaxx: I attest to your claims of making the customer happy. No argument from me there. I know how good you are, so if you got a negative review, you were 1) really drunk 2) in a bad mood or 3) had a ungrateful buyer. LOL Just kidding.

Like OldButtyGrandma said, try to get him to reverse his review of you and if that fails, let support handle it.


Reply to @hotwebideas: he actually ddint post a review yet, I think he’s waiting for me to finish off the vide


I offer writing services and deal with many arrogant buyers as well. I originally provided a few sentences describing my gig and what I have to offer. I thought my directions were clear enough, but after dealing with many arrogant buyers, I learned that was not the case. As a solution, I wrote out everything my buyers can and can not expect based on what they pay. This has helped greatly. Whenever buyers complain now, I simply tell them that I already addressed their issue on my gig. In this case, they can not argue with you. Try it out … Maybe it will help you as much as it has helped me. Good luck.


Reply to @hajajasm: That’s a good point, but I do not see it working with a lot of buyers. I am not sure how professional that would be to tell them that you already addressed their concerns since they didn’t read your gig description in the first place, but I understand how frustrating it can be.

I would approach it a little differently. In your gig description, conclude with “If you would like something that is not included in this gig description, please contact me first”. When the buyer gets arrogant, reply with everything you will do for that buyer and maybe offer something extra for free just to prevent yourself from getting a bad review and politely state “but that is not part of this gig. I am offering this to you for free. However, what you are requesting is not part of the gig and I am willing to do it for an extra gig order”.

This way, you look professional offering a freebie and at the same time, tell the buyer you cannot do that request. I have had a lot of sellers tell me this to me as a buyer and it works well.


Reply to @hotwebideas: That’s some great advice. I will see how it works for me. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Reply to @hajajasm: No problem.


xD maybe thats why your name is “fighter” as well.

If i hated a customer, I would still go the lengths for them… I need that positive thumbs up no matter WHAT it takes!

caiterz said: If i hated a customer, I would still go the lengths for them.. I need that positive thumbs up no matter WHAT it takes!

Goods attitude!


Yes, agree. Kill em with kindness.


I will post a new discussion today. i have more than 500 completed jobs 100% ratings. but had the one and only worst experience in fiverr last week. with a buyer who intentionally bought my gig to leave a negative feedback. not even complaining about my work just the gig title he doesn’t like lol. i have more than 500 sales so no one see that negative effect on my overall ratings but i don’t feed good about that. tried to do extra work to make him happy. but he doesn’t accept lol. he doesn’t want anything. Just keep that feedback (which is fake) as it is and fiverr support asked me to communicate with him only response i got is “DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN” :smiley:


Reply to @hotwebideas: a buyer asked me to do a free background for this channel i have to surf porn websites to find images he doesn’t provide. if im not doing it he will keep that negative feedback on my gig. lol for not supporting porn i got a negative feedback :smiley: