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Arrogant buyers?

The last few days I have gotten requests from a couple of arrogant buyers. They are asking to get gig extra’s for free because “it doesn’t take any extra work”. I just block them right away because I am sure that after the order they will demand more or else just leave a negative review.

Anyone else receiving similar buyers?


There is one communicating with me at the moment, but has not yet bought anything from my Gigs, but, seems shocked that I would charge more to DO more. I am hopeful that they do NOT order from me.



I’ve found “We are not a good fit and I cannot help you achieve your goals” tends to put this scaly kind of buyer off.


Yeah, its not new. One simple solution is to add that extra as default in your gig and raise the price of your gig.I don’t offer extras in my gig now as I am offering them as “included” in my gig packages.

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