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Arrrrrggggghhhhh Buyer Requests

I had been a Level Zero for so long I had forgotten what having lots of Buyer Requests was like.

Back as a Level Zero, I saw maybe 2-3 requests/day and generally found 2-3 per week that had some kind of interest to me. Usually I would get at least 2 orders per week from that which tend to be repeat clients.

Now, at Level 1, I see 40+ requests per day and I am just left to despair about humanity. I mean just how can some of these people be able to use a computer? What is it that’s wrong with them that they think what they are asking for is ever going to happen? That’s even aside from the ridiculously low budgets. It’s like watching a car crash, I can’t look away but I get more upset every time I see them. I fear it’s affecting the quality of the offers I send too as it’s tough to think clearly when your head has been immersed in such garbage…,

Time to start delivering a few orders late I think #givemebacklevelzero


You mean you do not want to proofread 40,000 words of one laguage that has been google translated into another language for $70? What a nightmare.


$70? Oooh, someone is splashing out!


Earlier today, a buyer contacted me for a Lenticular business card job. Apart from ranting about how niche his business is, he went on to tell me he needed a written sample of the job (that too, after supplying eight different keywords for the article, sending links to his YouTube to watch videos, and telling me he needed a CREATIVE piece) to know if I was a good match for the job. He was implying a free sample.

As if he hadn’t said enough, he finally told me his budget for subsequent articles was $5. I cut him loose immediately!!

Although it seemed like a good chance to increase my ratings, I knew he would be trouble from the start.


I considered that before, hitting the “Remove Request” button.


You made the right decision, almost regardless of what the budget was.
Someone who thinks 8 keywords should fit in an article is deluded and won’t ever be happy because if you do include them all it will read like a piece of computer generated gibberish and if you don’t include them all they will want endless revisions.

These are the worst - those who don’t know what they want is crazy.

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It’s insane. Take a look at this:

I’ve had similar prospective buyers this week alone. Ha!:weary:

I hear ya. Here’s one I had a few days ago. I did all the maths for it:
Did You Bump Your Head of the day: this guy wants 15 songs Professionally mixed using analog gear for $30.

Even if each track took only 4 hours to complete, that is 60 hours work - at least a week. Divide that by $24 ($30 -20% commission) that is 40 cents an hour! OMG!

Even if it was supposed to read “$30 per song” he is not only expecting one-day turnaround for what is most likely awful material that needs a lot of work. 8-12 hours to even get to sounding bad is ~$2.40 ph.

Analog is just a crock as even if I had an analog something in the process, the moment I re-encode to digital to send it back to him it is no longer Analog.

Clearly, there is a lot of not-understanding any of the terms used here. I think I’ll pass as I am clearly not professional enough for him. No way I could ever be worth 40 cents an hour!

And there are still people here who say “reduce your prices”!!!


Wonders upon wonders!:joy::joy::joy:

Yes, I too get frustrated when I read how somebody wants a 30,000 word ebook written for $50. You can only fit around 250 words per page, 300 if you don’t include images. That is way more pages than i care to write. Or these requests that are so demanding in how they are worded? It has t o be this, and this, and this. And the price is firm: $5

I just don’t get some people.

Then stop sending offers! Quit BR completely.

Trust me. I blew through half of my savings this year as a result of having zero orders, and guess what? It was only after sending a couple of buyer requests that I finally felt like killing myself.

Turn away from BR and never look back.


Good for you. So many alarm bells there! I honestly don’t know how these people sleep at night. Maybe they can because they don’t have many brain cells to keep them awake.


But then what would I talk about?


Really disheartening …yet buyers are untouched on Fiverr
You get to understand more when you experience it first hand

As a new seller, I saw around 9-15 new buyer requests daily with ‘average priced budget’ and occasionally high or/and low priced budget, the best part was, requests with over 15 sent offers disappear automatically.

But now, I have to manually filter over 900-1500 buyer requests with few ‘average priced budgets’ and more of ‘Don’t send offer if you can’t do it for $10’ with 25-30 offers sent already, and just remain there for days.

I secretly wish I get to filter the type of requests I see based on date, price and total offers sent.


I read somewhere recently that on Up Werk (where requests are more public and can be measured more effectively) the number of jobs that actually never get awarded was around 70%. I don’t know whether Fiverr would be higher or lower than that amount (I suspect less get awarded) but it gives an indication of what people should expect from Buyer Requests.


Hi, I’ve never sent a buyer request, but have been considering it lately. So I’m curious, why do you feel this way?