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ARS Is much worse than we expected,Urgent problem!

Hello Fiverr,

So it seems like almost everyone is mad at the ARS system and we should,but there’s a much worse problem that is going on now that no one seems to talk about,no one but @mimie01 what brought it to my attention.

A buyer changed his rating from 5 stars to 1 when he didnt get extra free stuff as she claims,she went to support to remove it and this is what they told her,

Hi There,

Thank you for your message and I sorry to read about this experience. Following your report our Content Editors are currently looking into the user’s conduct and will take any appropriate steps. Unfortunately, we cannot remove a buyer’s feedback without their consent and I have seen that your buyer insists on his comments staying. I would wait a bit of time before trying to communicate again and asking him for his consent but once you get it, we will be happy to assist you.



Wait wait,hold on fiverr,you are telling me that not only that you are giving buyers more power with the flawed ARS,now they have the choice of keeping their negative rating even if they are just scamming and not following the gig rules? so who actually needs to follow the rules on this site? only us?!

This is an insult to us and shouldn’t be acceptable,we need urgent response to this,or believe me fiverr your Top Rated Sellers will start leaving,then level two,then you will have no one to give you content.

We need immediate actions.

I want to show the CS report and also the clear evidence how a 5 star excellent job changed to a 1 star after not giving in

Here it is. Sounds like a new made up BS policy to me…

First the 5 star rating then changed it to 1.

Reply to @mimie01: Does fiverr understand we do this for living? while 1 rating with their new indexing service can make us have no sales at all,buyers can just keep making accounts? so we need to accept the buyers being rude and in your case sexist and be their servants for 4$ and whatever they ask for we give them while they can break ALL the rules?

If we break ONE rule we get banned,they can break the GIG’s rule and the SITE’s rules and they still go to them asking PERMISSION to remove the rating? this is outrageous.


Reply to @anubisven: This is the answer I got, after telling him that I am reporting him to CS and I am hoping they will block his IP

Reply to @alliemadison12: Ron

Reply to @mimie01: see? that’s exactly my point, they can just keep making MORE accounts,when we can only have one account to use,why do we need to be weak like that??

Reply to @anubisven: I mean this is just telling you streight up, how he planned all this. I can not believe the BS answer CS gave me, ticket still open!

Reply to @mimie01: Just stay strong,and don’t let him get to you,if he continues to insult you ask to talk to a manager the next time you go to support and that you will file a report to the police (which you have every right to) as he is assaulting you and they are not giving you any help.

Together we stand,we need to keep fighting this no matter what.