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Art related gigs

so I make art. I draw traditionally. so far I’ve only had one buyer. and it’s been two weeks since then. I’m thinking that I might not be getting any orders because I don’t ship art (I’m currently still living with my parents, and do not have the time nor money to do shipping because of college} but I’m not sure. if anyone is willing to check out my gigs and tell me if there’s something else wrong, I’d appreciate the time and effort.

I apologize if I just wasted your time

sincerely, tiny

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Hello Tiny! It can be hard at start, but just be patient and work on yourself and your skill. :slight_smile: Also, I have noticed that on your gig examples and what you are sending to customers are photos of a drawing. For a better quality I would recommend either taking photo on a really good light without shadows or even better to scan them. I doubt that anyone on Fiverr is shipping, it’s mostly files. Also, another thing is that I would also recommend you to when the drawing is scanned you clean the background of it in Photoshop. I don’t know if you have been using it so far or not, but that will surely be a plus! And one more thing, you can do a research on what is trending, and also, I think you would do good in illustrations for children books. At least that is some my opinion. :slight_smile: Just patience! :smiley:

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