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Article/Blog Writers: Battle of the Sexes


Okay, so . . . many of you know I’m collecting about 100 or so articles, blogs and even short stories for my upcoming blog in various fun topic areas.

Life experiences are the core of our writing. What we know and experience will be somehow be incorporated into facts and fiction. There is no way to escape our identity, or is there? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There are two pages of A.N. articles writers, many are gender neutral gig page/profile picture. We recently had a conversation, on forum, as to if gender really mattered. I’m wondering the same thing. I was looking for someone to write about current women’s fashion in various European countries.

Yes, call me sexist, but I was looking for a woman writer. I’m asking myself if a man can write about this topic just as well. Does gender really matter, after all, an expert is just that - someone who is knowledgeable and good at research.

Can a woman write on topics related to men such as

  • Do pick up lines work or what kind works
  • Fact or fiction: Men are attracted to skinny, young models
  • Why older men are attracted to younger women

Can a man write on topics related to women such as

  • Why her girlfriends are sometimes more important than him
  • Why women like to match her shoes and purse or do they
  • Modern woman’s career over family

If I were to ask for relationship article on brothers and sisters, how different would it be coming from different genders?

As a professional writer on and off 5r, what is the trickiest article you’ve written?


This woman can! I talk to men about such things all the time.

Those are great and intriguing questions Gina.



Indeed, you can! You are more of a counselor. :slight_smile: Many people feel comfortable speaking to you about almost anything,


For the question about men preferring young skinny model types, some men like that and some like older women, some like larger body types, it varies tremendously.


I figured as much. There is no one for all. I’m just curious as to how different the articles would turn out.

I’m thinking about hiring 2 writers for each category, to get man and woman’s perspective. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.


There was this article about a lion whisperer . . . :rofl: just kidding. I have only written one article and I have paused my article writing gig, so I really cannot speak to that. :zipper_mouth_face: